Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Clint and Melissa Fiore ~ April 7th 2007

This is the wedding of one of the greatest couples I know. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa for the first time in July when Clint brought he from Colorado to Prescott to meet all his old buddies, she is such a sweetheart! I just wished they lived closer! They poses more joy, love and passion for life and God than anyone I have every met.

Their wedding was in Colorado and we were all a little bummed when the weather took a dive for the worst and decided to be 30ยบ and snowing on their wedding day. Although I don't think this phased them one bit, they were just ecstatic to be getting married. The ceremony was so personal I was crying and trying to take pictures at the same time. And the reception was hilarious and turned out to be more like a variety show than a wedding reception, it was awesome. I love you guys, you are amazing and you bless everyone who knows you! Congratulations!!!!

Melissa made all the bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding herself, she did an amazing job!

Clint is so hilarious! He surprised Melissa by singing her a song and in the middle of it he runs to the corner of the room, grabs this umbrella and starts dancing about and flinging glitter out of his pants pockets into the air while singing. It was so sweet and funny.


Mike 9:08 PM  

Awesome shots Kadie!! Everything turned out great!!

Matthew & Cheyenne Wilson 11:33 AM  

Great pictures Kadie! I'm glad you shot their wedding because now the rest of us can see it even though they moved away! I'm so happy for them.

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