Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cortney + Jay: Married

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!! I know I took forever posting this, I just had SOOO many favorite images it was almost impossible to decide what photos to post. But I was finally was able to pick a couple!

Cortney had one of my all time favorite dresses I've photographed to date. It was so stunning! I love this little bit of bling on the bodice. You'll get to see more later I promise ;)

Have I mentioned I love make-up photos.... like a lot...

These are the things as a photographer I show up and get very excited about! Lots of COLOR and fun surprises like ZEBRA ribbons for the bridesmaid's dresses at the reception!

Had some fun with the ring shot, love it!

Cortney really was such a beautiful bride and just had this graceful presence all day. Look how beautiful she looked getting into her dress!

You know me I couldn't forget the shoes...

The guy's looked awesome! But there were A LOT of them, 10 groomsmen! Jay has more good friends than I have had in my lifetime!

Check out how amazing this ceremony was! They made the arch and pillars down the isle all out of mirrors! They also had a blue candy bar which I kept loosing Joey to!

Cortney looked so stunning coming down the isle!

I LOVE the photo Joey caught of Cortney saying her vows!

Mr. and Mrs. how cute are they!?

Umm... yeah there are no words for how stunning Cortney is...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I <3 eyelashes!!!! Joey has coined this "The Kadie Shot"

Jay wasn't looking to shabby either, love this portrait I got of him!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Seriously... Cortney was amazing to photograph!

There are some photographs that really sing to me, and just burst with the feeling of a day, this is that shot! I love everything about it!!! So simple yet so timeless and beautiful!

The light was just perfect for us!

Jay asked the we recreate a photo from their e-session that he really loved, so we willingly complied :)

We just had to play with the mirrors a bit! (There are a TON more mirror shots, but I had to narrow down! :( )

See why it was so hard!?

Ok just a side note here. If you really want to make your event STUNNING you NEED to hire Frostings Event Design Rentals. They will HOOK YOU UP! They just make every event I've done with them look so high end and classy. Make sure to check them out!

You can see more of their handiwork here... Cortney and Jay really were so creative and it made the reception so beautiful!

Even the cake had mirrors!

There were also some pretty awesome speeches!

And an even more awesome choreographed bridal party dance!

Thank you both for such a wonderful day, and your wonderful friendship! Joey and I will look back on it fondly as the first time he has ever gotten kissed on the forehead by a groomsman!

Inspiring Thursdays - Burberry

There are some fashion companies, that I just always love their ads. Burberry is one of them. They have such an awesome vintage feel to them.

Here's just one image I love...

But here are some links to more of their awesome ads!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't Worry I'm Not Dead...

I know I have really been falling off the blog train lately. :( But I'm working super hard I assure you!! Right now I'm deep in designland putting together a super chic album for one of my favorite clients. Thought I'd share a few of my favorite spreads to show you I really have been up to stuff! This is actually not a very typical album design for me, I usually like lots of belles and whistles (tastefully done of course) but everything about this wedding screamed elegance and you really can't get more elegant than a simple clean chic design like this.

This is the first page of the book, so when you open up the cover this is the first thing you see....

This is my favorite favorite spread, I loved the detail shots I was able to get for them at the wedding...

Hopefully they'll like it as much as I do when I get all done!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Please ABC save my new favorite show!!!

Ok if you know me, you know I LOVE a good mystery, or any mystery at all actually even terrible ones, but good ones are preferable.  And I have a new found love obsession with ABC's newest mystery tv show CASTLE!  It is so great! I love everything about it, the wit, the humor and the actors have some of the best chemistry that I have seen on a TV show in a long long time and the mysteries are awesome!  It is the ONLY show I actually tune in every week and watch.  And so you can imagine my horror when I tuned in last night and saw them advertising the show's season finale when it only began in March!  I was heartbroken.  I know this sounds dramatic for a television show, but after the change over at CSI vegas with the cast I'm left with an empty place in my heart for a great crime drama that no other show until now has been able to fill.

So please ABC RENEW CASTLE!!!!   Help a girl out by tuning into the season finale on monday night after dancing with the stars!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Cortney + Jay: Sneak Peek

I don't want to give to much away with the sneak peek this time, but this wedding was off the hook! Think lime green, hot pink, blue, mirrors, candy and zebra... yeah... can't wait for the full post now can ya!

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