Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Please ABC save my new favorite show!!!

Ok if you know me, you know I LOVE a good mystery, or any mystery at all actually even terrible ones, but good ones are preferable.  And I have a new found love obsession with ABC's newest mystery tv show CASTLE!  It is so great! I love everything about it, the wit, the humor and the actors have some of the best chemistry that I have seen on a TV show in a long long time and the mysteries are awesome!  It is the ONLY show I actually tune in every week and watch.  And so you can imagine my horror when I tuned in last night and saw them advertising the show's season finale when it only began in March!  I was heartbroken.  I know this sounds dramatic for a television show, but after the change over at CSI vegas with the cast I'm left with an empty place in my heart for a great crime drama that no other show until now has been able to fill.

So please ABC RENEW CASTLE!!!!   Help a girl out by tuning into the season finale on monday night after dancing with the stars!


Center of Attention Photography 8:00 PM  

I didn't know this!! Ahhh... I'm obsessed too. I love CSI Miami and watch it pretty regular but this show is the icing on the cake. love love love it! :( I'm sad that it's already the season finale!

Kristina 1:26 PM  

This is one of my favorite shows too! Second only to Bones. Craig and I have been watching it from the beginning and it so witty and fun. AND visually artistic. Hopefully, it will come back next year.

Jamie Burnett 1:52 PM  

WHAT... This is one of my favorites too! I hope it comes back!!!!

Lauren 8:53 AM  

This is my #1 favorite show on television right now! Or was, before the finale. I LOVE the chemistry between the characters, and I just <3 Ricky Castle in general. How could you NOT?

Kristina 7:01 AM  

Okay, above, I said this show was second to Bones. I think I like Castle more now. I love the relationship between Castle and his daughter. Well, actually, I love the whole show. We just read that ABC has renewed it for next year. YAY!

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