Friday, September 26, 2008

Amy & Eric

One of my bestest friends ever, Amy, FINALLY met the guy of her dreams and is getting married to him this weekend and I'm her maid of honor! So Joey and I are heading out of town later today to go up there and celebrate their day with them. So I just wanted to share a couple pics from a little mini session I did with the two of them last time I was up there. Enjoy!

Isn't Amy going to be make a beautiful bride!

I'm so excited for you two!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Go to Cold Stone today to get your free ice cream and support a good cause!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

July + Jeremy

I am so excited to finally post July and Jeremy's engagement session!  We had so much fun taking photos and they totally rocked everything I threw at them and were up for anything... even taking photos in a torrential downpour!  Here are some of my favorite photos from their session, I can't wait for their amazing wedding next month!

We started off the day at the Arizona Inn

Can you believe the greenery they have there! I am in love with that place!

Then we scooted over to Ventana Canyon for a few pictures next to their awesome waterfall

Aren't they adorable together!!!

After a quick bite to eat for lunch at the Cup Cafe we went and took some pictures in one of my favorite spots ever... Club Congress How amazing are these photos! They are totally awesome models!

I mean... come on!

After that I wanted to grab a few shots downtown before we called it a day...

And that's when the rain started!!! It was POURING like none other, and I only had one umbrella with me... which like a good little photographer I gave to my clients, which left me getting completely soaked and trying to keep my camera somewhat dry. I mean look at how hard it was raining!

But luckily we found some awesome shelter in an old falling apart building, which also doubled for a amazing photo op! This next photo is one of my favorites from the day...

I like this one a lot too...

But I think this one is probably my FAVORITE!

Thank you guys so much for trudging through the rain and climbing up hills and walking into waterfalls and sitting on the ground with bugs. You guys are amazing!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

~Inspiring Thursdays~

I first saw the ParkeHarrison's work in a small gallery on the U of A campus and fell in love with their unusual, quirky and thought provoking imagery...

This is some of their older work, but they also have some newer amazing stuff on their WEBSITE

Partner Con.... Again...

Here's another photo I found in my inbox this morning that Laura snapped at Partner Con of a bunch of us all out for dinner at this really cool place called THE WAREHOUSE RESTAURANT
where I had the most amazing bacon wrapped filet mignon ever!!!

I love how I'm the only one posing like a dork in this photo and everybody else is smiling all pretty....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Musical Musings

Ok... so I am in love with music, and I thought that maybe I could start suggesting some awesome songs I love if any of you are crazy iTunes download people like I am... I know I always love finding new amazing music I've never heard before!

So here's my first pick because I JUST found this girl last night and LOVE her cool retro 40's sound!!!

I am totally in love with her song: If You Asked Me

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Angela + Jono

Ok, so I think Angela was about to have a mental breakdown if I didn't show her some more of their engagement photos soon, so I put together a little post of some of my favorites from their session today. I had SO much fun running around San Diego with these two, and I am super excited for their wedding later this year! You guys are the best!!!

When these are your first two shots of a session... you know it's going to be a good one!

I am so in LOVE with her shoes!!!!

It was a VERY bright sunny day out... I have the sunburn to prove it!


I was literally INSIDE a tree to get this shot... my hair kept getting stuck in the branches...

How cool is this!

Ummm... YEAH!!!!!

FAVORITE!!!... ok so I have a couple favorites... so sue me!

Later that day we met up again and headed to the beach at sunset...

Have I mentioned I love these two!?

Can we say HOT!!! I mean... holy crap... these two are just too cute

The funny thing about that picture above is that I'm waist high in the water and having to jump really high every time a wave came to avoid getting my camera wet... it was a pretty amusing sight to see!

Thank you guys so much! I can't wait for your wedding later this year!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Finally Back!

After an AWESOME trip to LA where I met a ton of amazing people and learned so much I am finally home! Yahoo!

Here's just a couple photos to sum up my trip (more to come as I get them from other photogs)

One night at the photo conference they had a photo booth set up, we crammed in as many people as possible and snapped off a few pics. That top one I'm a sardine with TimCo, Laura Siivola, Rachel Priddy, and Michelle Peyronet

Laura and I also got a chance to second shoot an engagement session while we were in Cali at the Santa Monica pier for Rachel Priddy which was super fun. Here's a shot of Laura and Rachel hard at work :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me :)

A few random things about me that you may not know:

• This is my 22nd B-day :)
• I am deathly afraid of fish
• I love fishing
• I love Dr. Pepper
• I have a crush on Elvis (the young one - not the old fat one)
• I play the piano, guitar, and sing (but not all at the same time)
• My favorite board game is Clue
• I love Alfred Hitchcock movies
• My favorite author is Agatha Christie
• I play guitar hero
• My favorite color is a tie between Red and Pink
• I love all things vintage
• Growing up I had the biggest crush on Elijah Wood
• I call a metal spatula a "flipper"
• I love dark chocolate and can't stand milk chocolate
• When I was growing up I wanted to be a homicide detective
• My hero was Columbo
• I own a snowboard and have no idea how to use it
• I started college when I was 14
• I hate bananas and nuts but love banana nut bread... go figure
• My favorite TV show is BONES
• My favorite Disney Princess is Aurora
• I listen to Old Time Radio... almost everyday
• I love cheesecake... like a lot
• I LOVE sleeping
• I wanted to be a boy scout when I was little
• I thought girls scouts were lame
• I had a large crush on McGuiver and would sit in front of the TV and blush
• I had a mullet
• Joe is the only boyfriend I ever had
• I was home-schooled
• I lived in europe (holland more specifically) for 1 1/2 years
• No I don't speak Dutch... sadness...
• I jumped off a 40ft cliff into a lake
• I have way to many dreams for one lifetime
• I want to be a Rock Star
• I want to be a stunt double
• I want to be a florist
• I want to be a hairstylist
• I want to be an interior designer
• I want to be a fashion designer
• Basically if there is a reality TV show on BRAVO, I'd like to do that...
• I am a photo ham, and think I'm a model... but I'm not
• I cannot skateboard to save my life
• I love Krispy Kreme donuts
• I love Jeeps, and four-wheeling
• I own a pair of bowling shoes because I thought they were cool
• I have a lot of blonde moments
• I have no sense of time
• I am a dare devil
• I am a night owl...
• I am posting this at 1 am...


Thursday, September 04, 2008

~ Inspiring Thursdays ~

Ok ok, so I know I've been a big slacker about this, so I'm sorry :( But I promise to try and get on the ball about it!

While I was working on photos the other day I watched a movie that I love solely for the artistic value 300! I'm not such a big fan of all the blood and gore and half naked men... but I love the compositions and lighting for the whole movie. It's so visually beautiful... here's what I mean:

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