Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me :)

A few random things about me that you may not know:

• This is my 22nd B-day :)
• I am deathly afraid of fish
• I love fishing
• I love Dr. Pepper
• I have a crush on Elvis (the young one - not the old fat one)
• I play the piano, guitar, and sing (but not all at the same time)
• My favorite board game is Clue
• I love Alfred Hitchcock movies
• My favorite author is Agatha Christie
• I play guitar hero
• My favorite color is a tie between Red and Pink
• I love all things vintage
• Growing up I had the biggest crush on Elijah Wood
• I call a metal spatula a "flipper"
• I love dark chocolate and can't stand milk chocolate
• When I was growing up I wanted to be a homicide detective
• My hero was Columbo
• I own a snowboard and have no idea how to use it
• I started college when I was 14
• I hate bananas and nuts but love banana nut bread... go figure
• My favorite TV show is BONES
• My favorite Disney Princess is Aurora
• I listen to Old Time Radio... almost everyday
• I love cheesecake... like a lot
• I LOVE sleeping
• I wanted to be a boy scout when I was little
• I thought girls scouts were lame
• I had a large crush on McGuiver and would sit in front of the TV and blush
• I had a mullet
• Joe is the only boyfriend I ever had
• I was home-schooled
• I lived in europe (holland more specifically) for 1 1/2 years
• No I don't speak Dutch... sadness...
• I jumped off a 40ft cliff into a lake
• I have way to many dreams for one lifetime
• I want to be a Rock Star
• I want to be a stunt double
• I want to be a florist
• I want to be a hairstylist
• I want to be an interior designer
• I want to be a fashion designer
• Basically if there is a reality TV show on BRAVO, I'd like to do that...
• I am a photo ham, and think I'm a model... but I'm not
• I cannot skateboard to save my life
• I love Krispy Kreme donuts
• I love Jeeps, and four-wheeling
• I own a pair of bowling shoes because I thought they were cool
• I have a lot of blonde moments
• I have no sense of time
• I am a dare devil
• I am a night owl...
• I am posting this at 1 am...



Kelvin Leung 9:40 AM  

Kadie, thanks for sharing your joyful to us. Wish you have a wonderful birthday! I like the way you share yourself. I wish I could have done that when I was 22:)

Michael Chansley 10:34 AM  

Happy Birthday Kadie!!

Brandi 2:23 PM  

Happy Birthday Kadie!! You are a rockstar.. whatchu talking about?! And I was homeschooled too!! That is crazy, I didn't know you were homeschooled! Love Elvis as well, particularly young Elvis. I think we're twins!

Purple Nickel Studio 6:14 PM  

Happy Birthday Chica! I hope your doing something for yourself today... gosh you make me seem old... LOL!

Nancy 11:04 PM  

Happy birthday Kadie..! Thanks for sharing the all about your self. well, I too have a pair of bowling shoes.

Stephanie 7:17 PM  

Happy Birthday Girl!!!

Amber 9:52 AM  

A few more things people might not know about you:

*You are a great friend (my best friend)

*You love salt

*You can gut a fish (yuck, but cool)

*You can talk about anything

*You are a great listener

*You like french fries dipped in honey

Love you sweetie!

Kelly Mahoney 11:42 AM  

Happy birthday!

Michelle 1:19 PM  

Happy Belated Birthday!!! This was a fun "about me". :)

Brandie 5:14 PM  

Hey! We have the same birthday! :)

Just clicking around and found your blog. Your photography is gorgeous!

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