Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Angela + Jono

Ok, so I think Angela was about to have a mental breakdown if I didn't show her some more of their engagement photos soon, so I put together a little post of some of my favorites from their session today. I had SO much fun running around San Diego with these two, and I am super excited for their wedding later this year! You guys are the best!!!

When these are your first two shots of a session... you know it's going to be a good one!

I am so in LOVE with her shoes!!!!

It was a VERY bright sunny day out... I have the sunburn to prove it!


I was literally INSIDE a tree to get this shot... my hair kept getting stuck in the branches...

How cool is this!

Ummm... YEAH!!!!!

FAVORITE!!!... ok so I have a couple favorites... so sue me!

Later that day we met up again and headed to the beach at sunset...

Have I mentioned I love these two!?

Can we say HOT!!! I mean... holy crap... these two are just too cute

The funny thing about that picture above is that I'm waist high in the water and having to jump really high every time a wave came to avoid getting my camera wet... it was a pretty amusing sight to see!

Thank you guys so much! I can't wait for your wedding later this year!


Airika Pope 12:11 AM  

This is a seriously amazing shoot, Kadie. You really captured their personalities amidst amazing compositions! My fav. is the sepia one toward the end...LOVE IT! It was great to "meet" you again last week--keep in touch!

Lynn 9:52 AM  

WOW!!!! These are spectacular and the locations you chose are un-freaking-believable!

Brandi 6:25 PM  

Totally awesome.. your colors look amazing!! Can't wait to see their wedding.

Deidre Lynn 7:55 PM  

Oh my goodness - Stunning girl!! Keep up the incredible work!

Purple Nickel Studio 9:33 PM  

Freakin' Ah-mazing! HOT HOT HOT... oh and spicy!

Lynn Dao Photography 1:08 AM  

WOW Kadie!!! These are AMAZING!!!!
Love every single one!

Leah 3:18 PM  

Hell yeah Kadie, you rocked these! Looks like a great couple to work with too

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