Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Finally Back!

After an AWESOME trip to LA where I met a ton of amazing people and learned so much I am finally home! Yahoo!

Here's just a couple photos to sum up my trip (more to come as I get them from other photogs)

One night at the photo conference they had a photo booth set up, we crammed in as many people as possible and snapped off a few pics. That top one I'm a sardine with TimCo, Laura Siivola, Rachel Priddy, and Michelle Peyronet

Laura and I also got a chance to second shoot an engagement session while we were in Cali at the Santa Monica pier for Rachel Priddy which was super fun. Here's a shot of Laura and Rachel hard at work :)


Tim Co. 4:31 AM  

wow thats a lot of hair...good thing I got a haircut.

It was fantastic meeting you!

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