Wednesday, September 24, 2008

July + Jeremy

I am so excited to finally post July and Jeremy's engagement session!  We had so much fun taking photos and they totally rocked everything I threw at them and were up for anything... even taking photos in a torrential downpour!  Here are some of my favorite photos from their session, I can't wait for their amazing wedding next month!

We started off the day at the Arizona Inn

Can you believe the greenery they have there! I am in love with that place!

Then we scooted over to Ventana Canyon for a few pictures next to their awesome waterfall

Aren't they adorable together!!!

After a quick bite to eat for lunch at the Cup Cafe we went and took some pictures in one of my favorite spots ever... Club Congress How amazing are these photos! They are totally awesome models!

I mean... come on!

After that I wanted to grab a few shots downtown before we called it a day...

And that's when the rain started!!! It was POURING like none other, and I only had one umbrella with me... which like a good little photographer I gave to my clients, which left me getting completely soaked and trying to keep my camera somewhat dry. I mean look at how hard it was raining!

But luckily we found some awesome shelter in an old falling apart building, which also doubled for a amazing photo op! This next photo is one of my favorites from the day...

I like this one a lot too...

But I think this one is probably my FAVORITE!

Thank you guys so much for trudging through the rain and climbing up hills and walking into waterfalls and sitting on the ground with bugs. You guys are amazing!!!


Brandi 7:07 AM  

Great job! I love the locations and processing. Hottie couple too!

Leah 8:24 PM  

HOLY SHEEP!! These are amazing!!! Not one, not two but all of them. You all make one hot couple too!

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