Saturday, September 30, 2006

Keeping Up With The Jones's

Congrats to my good friends Jared and Darci who tied the knot on Sep 30th. It was such a sweet wedding, and both of them are children's pastors so you couldn't meet a nicer couple. The day was full of love and tons of emotion. I'm so glad I got to be the one to record all their special details! Although I have to say it was the earliest wedding I've ever done, with the ceremony beginning at 9:30, at the reception they had an open breakfast bar and an omelet bar. I mention this because I was trying to take a photograph of the omelet maker man flipping an omelet and he finally flipped on and half the omelet flew out of the pan and hit me in the face. Unfortunately I don't have a photos of the things flying at me, although I have a great shot of him laughing the second afterwards! Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Darci Getting Pretty:

The Rings:

Beautiful Reflections At The Buttes:

Yeah! We're Married!

The Reception:

The cutest little girl ever caught the bouquet!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Love In The Barrio

An Awesome E-session with Stephanie and Jon!

I was a little nervous about this shoot, Stephanie doesn't like to have her picture taken and neither does Jon, and I had gotten several e-mails from them about how nervous they were about the e-session. I promised them it would be a blast and so 2 hrs after their plane landed in Tucson from Colorado we met up and began the race with the sun. We literally didn't stop moving until the sun had finally set. Once they got used to my style they really enjoyed themselves (I think) and we had a blast. Then we got to chill out and talk in this awesome little cafe that serves gigantic bowls of Captain Crunch! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I just got my new camera, so I kidnapped my sister (who is gorgeous!) and headed to downtown Prescott for an impromptu photo shoot. (I think she was just happy to get new pics for he myspace page) I'm so excited about how they turned out! My camera is amazing it does half the work for me. I'm loving it!

I love this shot, I think it looks like a jeans ad!

This is my favorite picture from the shoot I think, and I don't even remember taking it! I love it when you get home and you find a awesome picture like this that you had totally forgotten about. It's almost as if somebody else took it because you like it so much it just couldn't be your! :)

This window was giving off such beautiful light that day, and I was really doing a lot of shots from the inside of the house and using the light coming in from the window, however it dawned on me suddenly to walk outside and I saw this pic that was ten times better than the ones I had done on the inside. I really think I had an out of body experience this day because of how good these pics turned out, somebody else was doing it for me I swear!

Ahh, isn't she beautiful!

Ok this photograph reminds me of the TV show "Friends" for some reason. Every time I look at it that's all I can think about!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This summer my entire family all crammed onto a little house boat and celebrated my grandparents 50th anniversary.

We had a beautiful campsite, in a cove all to ourselves.

I caught the biggest fish I ever seen and almost broke my pole in half!

My sister was a wild woman on the seado,

and we invented various ways to keep ourselves cool. :)

And we were all still alive by the end of the trip!

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