Thursday, April 24, 2008

Micah + Susie

Joey's cousin Micah and his finacé Susie came down the other week so we could take a couple quick pics of them for there wedding that I am photographing next month (Joey's a groomsman). These two have such an amazing story and you can tell that they just BELONG together. Susie was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and has recently been pronounced cancer free! We are so excited for these two and can't wait for their wedding!

While we were shooting I made a half serious half joking suggestion that they should jump into the fountain, and to my surprise they were like.. "ok!" I nearly flipped my lid I was so excited!

Not long after we were taking pictures Susie decided to bump the action up a notch... I love how oblivious Micah is....

Well from there it just turned into an all out water fight...

And Susie ended up getting pretty darn wet... but somehow being wet makes things so much hotter!

After we all dried off a bit (since I was in the fountain too) We all got in the car and headed up to La Paloma to grab some sunset photos...

I know silhouettes are kinda cheesy these days, but I still really like them for some reason... and with a sunset like this, who can argue!

What's Up With The Indiana Jones Song???

Since I'm sure several of you are wondering WHY on earth I would have the theme song to Indiana Jones playing on my blog (besides the fact that maybe I really am just that random) I thought I should share why the song has been up. My daddy is one of the best guys I know, and to me he has always been a real life Indiana Jones (that added to the fact that it is his all time favorite movie!) . And right now he is off fighting with the Army, so I'll be playing the song to honor him till he comes home safe and sound :)

Heres a couple pics my Daddy has sent me since he's been gone:

I think this sign he found is hilarious!

Love you dad! Can't wait to see you soon!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eric Scalise • Project 08'

Joey and I had so much fun and TONS of laughter when we took Eric's senior photos a couple of weeks ago. Eric's big brother and I were good friends all through high school so we've known each other for some time. His parents came along for the shoot, which just added to the laughter since his dad is an top notch actor / comedian!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the shoot.


Eric wanted to pretend to jump off the side of a building in this one:

After the sun went down we had some fun playing with flash and ambient lighting...

We were all sad that Eric forgot his fedora hat for this shot...

We almost got killed getting this pictures, but it was totally worth the end result!

What....??? What is this you say??? Doesn't look like it was that funny?? Well then, may I present the bloopers reel.... I recommend you don't have any liquid in your mouth while looking...

Eric... A.K.A. Don Juan...

or not...

I..... ummm.... really don't know what to say about this one....

This is Eric's dad Jon...

and this is Jon after I told him to think about the fact that his last child would soon be leaving his house!

Eric letting me know there was a train coming while we were shooting on the tracks.... what??? click... click... click....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PREVIEW: Vanessa + Bryan

Ok, so I usually don't post things out of order, but Joey and I just took photos of Vanessa and Bryan this Saturday and I just HAD to share one of the pics we got!!!!

Stay tuned for the rest at a later date!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sean Burris • Project 08'

I have to start this out with the fact that Sean's dad and my dad were best buddies in High School and are still very good friends. They were the real life Dukes of Hazzard and the A Team back then. My dad practically lived at their house. When they get together and start telling stories you almost pee your pants! And Sean's grandpa, was the minister who married my parents! So yeah, we've all known each other for a while. So when Lori (Sean's mom) asked me to take his senior photos I was stoked! And of course I begged to take them up at his grandparents' ranch. This place is GORGEOUS!!! It's in the middle of nowhere.... you literally have to drive about an hour through the woods on a bumpy dirt road that has no signs of civilization, then turn at the a sharp hair pin turn on a little forest trail that seems like it shouldn't even be a road. You go on that for about a 20 minutes and it pops you out into the middle of the most beautiful box canyon. They don't even have power out there! Everything is run by solar power, and they pump up water from an underground spring. I remember going there as a little kid with my dad before they built their newer, more modern house, and Mrs. Burris stilled cooked every meal on an old wood burning stove! However they have since built a new home with all the modern bells and whistles. Sooooo, I just had to take Sean's photos there!

Here's a picture of the ranch... I circled the house for you. Tell me you wouldn't die to have that for a backyard!

And here are some of my favorite pictures we got of Sean around the ranch:

Here's my little helpers Joey and his big brother Jay tagged along:

Audrey LOVES sticks! She was in stick heaven the whole time we were at the ranch!

Here's me with vougeing it up for the camera... you can see the solar panels for the house in the background.

This is why I never let Joe use the fisheye! Boys! Lens's are tools not toys!!!!

Oh well... if you can't beat em, join em!

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