Thursday, April 24, 2008

Micah + Susie

Joey's cousin Micah and his finacé Susie came down the other week so we could take a couple quick pics of them for there wedding that I am photographing next month (Joey's a groomsman). These two have such an amazing story and you can tell that they just BELONG together. Susie was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and has recently been pronounced cancer free! We are so excited for these two and can't wait for their wedding!

While we were shooting I made a half serious half joking suggestion that they should jump into the fountain, and to my surprise they were like.. "ok!" I nearly flipped my lid I was so excited!

Not long after we were taking pictures Susie decided to bump the action up a notch... I love how oblivious Micah is....

Well from there it just turned into an all out water fight...

And Susie ended up getting pretty darn wet... but somehow being wet makes things so much hotter!

After we all dried off a bit (since I was in the fountain too) We all got in the car and headed up to La Paloma to grab some sunset photos...

I know silhouettes are kinda cheesy these days, but I still really like them for some reason... and with a sunset like this, who can argue!


Ruby 5:43 PM  

hi kadie!

leah s told me about your blog....
i am in awe of your work!
excellent engagement session, they look like a ton of fun. your processing rocks too!

i'll be coming back ;)

Kelly Mahoney 12:28 PM  

What a story and what a lovely couple. I bet the wedding will be a blast!

New York City Wedding Photographer 2:44 AM  

What amazing chemistry these guys have. i love it. Thanks for sharing. These photos are so expressive and lively.

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