Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Emily + Dustin: Engaged

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving up to Scottsdale and doing a photo shoot for Emily and Dustin whose wedding I get to shoot later this year here in Tucson! I had so much fun wandering around with these two!

We started off at one of my favorite spots in Phoenix the Tempe Center for the Arts!

Before leaving we made a little detour to this really cool underpass!

Love this!

And finally we finished up our shoot at the Desert Botanical Garden where Dustin proposed!

It never ceases to amaze me how strange the landscapes in Arizona are sometimes, these rocks look like they came from some strange alien planet lol...

I'm not gonna lie... these two were pretty easy to photograph lol...

And my personal favorite outfits!!!! Go Wildcats!!!!!

Bear Down Arizona.... Bear Down Red and Blue... Bear Down Arizona... Kick the !@(#R#& out of ASU.... :)

And finally for a big finish Dustin's brother let us up onto the roof of his apartment complex which is just across the street from Chase Fields... Talk about a gorgeous view!!!!

Thank you guys so much for being such amazing models! I can't wait for your big day!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where The Heck Did Kadie Go!?

Wow... is really all I can say. The last few months have been such a crazy roller coaster I don't even know where to begin. If you've been reading the blog you might have gotten the gist of some of it. Back in the beginning of December our family lost a very dear member at a very young age and even though time has past... I think we are all still a little in shock and grieving. There are days that go bye that I don't even think about it and then it will hit me as I'm driving in the car like a load of bricks and I won't be able to contain the tears. Grief is funny that way. Shortly after that we were caught up in the midst of the Tucson shootings just a few weeks later, which coming on the heels of what we had just gone through loosing Micah was doubly painful. It was during this time we also found out that Joey had gotten a job with the DOD in Virginia and then began the mad rush to pack him up and move him out there. (all of which you already know from previous posts)

So, most of February was spent with us running around like crazy people packing and making arrangements for his move. On the day of his birthday party/going away party I threw for him I woke up at 3am with intense ear pain, which grew increasingly worse until about 5pm that evening when I ruptured both my eardrums. Poor Joey spent his whole party running back and forth between being the center of attention and check up on his wife screaming in the upstairs bedroom (if you've never had your eardrums rupture, lets just say it's not very fun)... and eventually taking me to urgent care.... Happy Birthday babe... lol...

I was so sick from everything and in so much pain and had lost the majority of my hearing that I was pretty much bed ridden for the entire next week, at the end of which was the day Joey had to leave to drive to Virginia to start his job. So... not wanting to miss being with him for that I sucked up the pain hopped in the car and we drove all the way from Arizona to Virginia, just the two of us, sweet Joey and his cute little partially deaf wife!

Here's a quick look at our trip via our little point and shoot camera... :)

Because we drove Joey there I had to fly home, however because I had just ruptured my ear drums the doctor told me not to fly for a few weeks in case I were to re-rupture them again... which would be horrible on a plane surrounded by people who would totally freak out if I just started screaming for no apparent reason.... So... I opted to stay grounded for a while and holed up with Joey for a few weeks before flying back which was awesome. I got to explore the area a little and meet a lot of his new friends, whom have promised me not to reverse all the careful years of training I've put into my husband during this brief time away from me lol...

Finally I was all healed up again (hearing back to normal thank goodness!) and flew home. And you have to remember I have never been apart from my husband for more than 2 weeks before this, so we had an all out movie scene in the middle of the airport before I went through security... it was ridiculous. Seriously just imagine the cheesiest romance movie airport scene you've ever seen and that's probably what we looked like, I was crying so hard I could barley see straight to unpack my bag for the x-ray machine... I wonder if this is a frequent occurrence for them because nobody seems to care or to think I was crazy...

Touchdown Arizona and I hit the ground running fast with wedding after wedding after photoshoot, it's been an insane and crazy month! But I suppose it's helping me keep my sanity and not miss Joey as much.

Then Last week my computer Died :( Luckily Apple is awesome and fixed it for free but I had to be with out it for almost an entire week! Talk about debilitating!!!!

So yeah... that rambling mess is pretty much my life as of now, and what I've been up to for the last several weeks.

Stay tuned for lots of picture posts coming soon!!!!

You might be confused, since I have told this story all jumbled up why I haven't moved to Virginia with Joey.... which is something I probably should have mentioned!!! lol... The short version is that 1) I have work I'm still contracted to do here in Arizona for a while this year and still need to pack up our house and 2)Because for the first year he is there Joey will be doing a lot of traveling for 2 or 3 months at a time for on the job training things so he won't actually be home very often anyway and it seemed like a better idea to have me stay here with friends and family instead of sitting in Virginia alone during this time... both situations aren't ideal obviously but being alone in a new place where I don't know a single person for months at a time didn't seem too appealing lol.... We think I'll probably move out there officially in the first week of January next year.

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