Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas From:

Wishing You The Merriest Christmas and The Happiest New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Amy & Austin

I am so excited to finally get to post this wedding up!!! Joey and I had SO much fun with Amy and Austin on their day it was awesome! They decided to get married on Austin's family's ranch and it was so beautiful! Not to mention the awesome stuff they had around to take photos with! But here... let's start with the photos I can talk as we go...

An example of the fun stuff around to take pics with... I love how that old cooler matched the colors in her bouquet!

Amy had two of her family members do her hair and make up for her, here they are double timing things lol...

Doesn't this look like we went on a safari? I'm in love with these...

I <3 make-up photos... :)

Ok so this is probably my all time favorite groomsmen picture ever... that's right I said it... EVER!

Did I mention all the fun stuff/backdrops they had there for photos? Umm yeah it was pretty much amazing...

Oh oh oh... Amy had this beautiful vintage veil that every girl in her family has worn on their wedding day for generations! How awesome a tradition is that? We took a couple of pics with it then switch to another veil to keep this one safe and pristine for the next bride :)

The girls looked awesome and I love the dresses Amy picked out for them to wear!

Here comes the bride... dum dum de dum...

Look how cool their ceremony site was! I am in love with that tree! Can you believer this is usually just a horse pasture!?

Taking communion...

MR. and MRS. Baum!

They were pretty happy about it!

And I know you've already seen this one, but I really like it...

We even got to take some photos with the horses! This is Baywatch... and she wasn't to sure about Amy's big white dress, but we managed to snag a couple fun pics with her...

HOW COOL IS THS!? What an awesome view of the mountains they have. Amy gets gold stars for trudging through horse poo in her wedding duds for this shot!

Are they just the cutest couple!?

LOVE this first shot on the left... and I'm pretty stoked about the one on the right too...

One of the many reasons I love this couple is our shared love of puppies!!! Check out the awesome blinged out collars Charles and Osa had for the wedding!

First dance...

They had such a fun reception, complete with a box of dress up clothes for the guest to play with and take pics!

And then they were off!

But wait....

Stay tuned after Christmas for their amazing Hitched and Haute shoot... here's just a little sneak peak...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Had A Good Hair And Make-Up Day So...

Do you ever have one of those day when your facial blemishes are minimal, your make-up turns out pretty good and your hair is looking decent and you secretly wish you were going to have your picture taken that day so you could show it off? Well... I was having one of those moments yesterday so I made Joey snap a photo of me lol... I am a dork...

Friday, December 19, 2008

This Is Why I Love British People...

this may possibly be the coolest wedding video I've ever seen... lol

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jordan + Miriam

A little bit ago Joey and I were super stoked to photograph our 1st Jewish wedding! I was so excited for it, and Jordan and Miriam's day more than exceeded my expectations. Every thing was perfect and we had SO MUCH FUN!!! So I apologize in advance for the photo overload lol!

I loved these two detail shots I got!

The light in the room where Miriam got ready was so gorgeous, it made my job easy!

As you know, I love mirrors and I had a lot of fun with this little square one...

See :)

Miriam had a gorgeous bouquet!

It was so funny, her dress came with instructions lol...

Loved this shot I got of her getting her shoes on!

Jordan had the best reaction to seeing Miriam for the first time!

Aren't they cute together!

Love this shot Joey got!

Jordan and Miriam get a bazillion gold stars for climbing up on this huge rock for me in their wedding duds! It made for such awesome pictures!

The guys were looking handsome

The girls didn't look to shabby either!

It was a beautiful day for a wedding..

And everything looked amazing!!

The ceremony was so awesome and filled with so much tradition it was amazing...

You've seen this one before... but I LOVE IT... I just had to include it again!

After the ceremony we had time for a few extra photos before the sun went down. This is probably one of my favorite shots of the day...

Miriam did an awesome job with all the decorations!

First dance and Mr. and Mrs....

And then THE FUN STARTED! How fun are these photos! I love them it was just an awesome thing to photograph, although I have to admit I secretly want to got for a ride on a chair now too! Too bad I'm not Jewish, maybe next time Joey and his brothers are all together I'll get them to lift me up so I can give it a go too! LOL!

More fun

and more..

and more...

And to end an awesome wedding post, what could be better than a FIREWORKS DISPLAY!!!!

Seriously guys, thank you so much for your friendship and letting me be a part of your awesome day!!!

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