Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sarah + Erik Are Getting Married!

The first thing I think about when I think about Sarah and Erik is happiness, smiles and laughter. I had so much fun with these two and they are so much in love it's a beautiful thing to witness and document. Sadly I was without my handsome hubby on this one and the whole time I just missed him so much watching these two so in love. Made me want to rush right home and cuddle with Joey!

It was so cute when we first started, Sarah was like "oh I know how much you like cool doors and there is an awesome one over here" lol and she was right! Look how cool this door is!

I told you they were happy and not bad looking either!

Erik plays the guitar... I love this photo...

and I love this one too... it's so junglely looking it's awesome!

On top of being totally awesome, Sarah and Erik have one of the coolest hobbies I have ever heard of, they are really into Geocaching which is basically like a huge worldwide savanger hunt! You use a gps unit to find hidden objects at specified coordinates... then after you find the object you leave one in return for the next person to find. (or at least I think that is sort of how it goes, either way it is way awesome). What you may ask does this have to do with a picture of their feet and small rubber ducks? Well I guess they all have code names for the game and theirs (and I hope this is not like revealing Batman's secret identity so forgive me if it is) ChikenDuck... (I think... lol... something along that line) Hence the duckies :)

umm... so I really like this set of images... like a lot lol

How awesome is this green wall!!! It's my new favorite backdrop ever... lol

So... did I mention we had fun? I think this pretty much sums it up...

They were such great models :)

And of course every client willing to go into water gets a gold star in my book! lol

So... we saw this area downtown and it was all fenced off, but it looked so cool so (please stop reading if you are with law enforcement) I was trying to find a way in... well after trying various ways and having no luck we walked around the other side of the building... and I felt really dumb because it was completely open to just walk into from that side lol... here is one of my favorite images we shot back there...

ok, so does the wall of that building remind anybody else of a Luis Vuitton bag? In any case it made an awesome backdrop for some final snuggle time...

Thank you guys for being so fun! I had a blast and can't wait for your wedding!


Carlee Rene 8:41 AM  

AMAZING!! I love them!! YAY!!

sharwell 8:53 AM  

Kadie! You are amazing! Thanks so much for posting these. We are in awe.
Love, Sarah and Erik

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