Saturday, December 20, 2008

Had A Good Hair And Make-Up Day So...

Do you ever have one of those day when your facial blemishes are minimal, your make-up turns out pretty good and your hair is looking decent and you secretly wish you were going to have your picture taken that day so you could show it off? Well... I was having one of those moments yesterday so I made Joey snap a photo of me lol... I am a dork...


Stacy Guthrie, myweddingfilm 8:24 AM  

I love those days! And they are so rare too so way to take advantage!

July Jennifer 1:28 PM  

OOOH! I like, you look gorgeous!

Jim 11:36 AM  

You have always been beautiful, ever since you were a baby...

Love you very much, Dad

PS- We are all 'dorks' sometimes..

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