Saturday, September 30, 2006

Keeping Up With The Jones's

Congrats to my good friends Jared and Darci who tied the knot on Sep 30th. It was such a sweet wedding, and both of them are children's pastors so you couldn't meet a nicer couple. The day was full of love and tons of emotion. I'm so glad I got to be the one to record all their special details! Although I have to say it was the earliest wedding I've ever done, with the ceremony beginning at 9:30, at the reception they had an open breakfast bar and an omelet bar. I mention this because I was trying to take a photograph of the omelet maker man flipping an omelet and he finally flipped on and half the omelet flew out of the pan and hit me in the face. Unfortunately I don't have a photos of the things flying at me, although I have a great shot of him laughing the second afterwards! Anyway, enjoy the photos!

Darci Getting Pretty:

The Rings:

Beautiful Reflections At The Buttes:

Yeah! We're Married!

The Reception:

The cutest little girl ever caught the bouquet!


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