Sunday, May 22, 2011

Caitlin - Une Affaire En Noir

I have been in love with old movies since I was tiny, given the choice I'd rather watch an old film noir film over pretty much any other type of movie. I've been kicking around playing with this kind of photoshoot for a while and offering them as sort of a speacialty and when my friend Caitlin told me she was totally down for me to just play around and test out some ideas I totally jumped at the chance to test out some of the shots I've had in my head. For the most part we got some really cool results, some that didn't work so well that I'm excited to work more on, but over all I super stoked to share some of the results of our play session with you and to do more shoots like this in the future!


MissPetiteTreat 9:27 PM  

What amazing shots! I really love the one with Cat in front of the arrow signs!

Kate 11:57 PM  


katymight 1:50 AM  

Whoa that's my dress! You look amazing! Excellent work, Kadie.

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