Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cinematic Senior Session!

This past weekend my family and I had a blast filming a promotional video for my senior portrait business, which hopefully should be done in the next month or two... yeah! I'm so excited about it, it's gonna be awesome. We started off the day at my house doing hair and make-up to my beautiful willing model, my lil' sis, Kasie. Then we again hit downtown and began the shoot; her and my younger brother-in-law Jesse took turns being my model. Kasie left us after lunch to head home and finish up some schoolwork but Jesse and my crew (consisting of my handsome hubby, my oldest brother-in-law Jason, and my youngest brother-in-law Jesse) all headed to a baseball park to get some more pics of Jesse. Finally we wrapped up the shoot by filming an intro to the video in the woods by my house at night. It was awesome! My dad had just bought a fog machine and so we were like, heck, lets figure out a way to use it, so now the intro is reminiscent of the intro to the show Unsolved Mysteries where the guy emerges out of the foggy night. I look like a dork on camera buy I tried my best and left the movie magic up to my sis who is also a film school student. So hopefully I'll have that video up here by the end of December. Anyway, here are some of the shots we got while filming the video. Hope you enjoy!

Jason amd Joe showing Kasie how to walk through the frame.

Nice job boys!!!!

Here's our film crew... a.k.a Jason Pangburn. A big thanks goes out to you for all your help that day!

Mmmm.... Lunch with my goofy family

Me and the boys after a hard days work in the heat.


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