Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fashion Shoot with Leah

It was a funny twist of fate that brought this shoot about, and I suppose my tendency to eavesdrop. I was meeting a client at paradise bakery and while waiting for her to arrive I overheard one of the employees talking about her modeling career and how she needed some new portfolio photographs. She mentioned that she was trying to get in touch with up and coming photographers that wanted to build their portfolio as well so that she could get the shoot for free. Having just talked to my hubby Joe about needing a model to practice on I went up and introduced myself and said I would love to do a shoot with her. So, after having said all that here are the photos from the shoot we did, THEY ARE AMAZING! I am so happy with myself, I feel like my camera and I are finally one. Leah was great as well, she's was so much fun to just hang out with as well as photograph. In short, we both had a blast. Here some of my favorite shots from the day for you to enjoy!


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