Monday, December 10, 2007

The Annual Pangburn Christmas Bash!!!!

Every year Joey and I have our annual Christmas party and we invite all our close friends and family over for a night of food fun and TONS of presents! That's because every year we have a White Elephant Gift Exchange!

Here's some of my favorite pictures from the party!

My Uncle Rich started the exchange off on a humorous note when he unwrapped this dandy gift:

During the game a waffle iron was won by Mickey

See how happy she was!

However it was then stolen by my grandmother Adele, and then stolen by my girlfriend Janelle. I love this pic of Janelle tearing it out of my grandmothers arms!

But don't worry grandma stole it back! And her and the waffle iron left the party together :)

Here's my mother-in-law all smiles after she stole this cute little santa from our friend Carol

And there was much laughter throughout the house!

Doesn't Janelle's boyfriend look just like Ryan Gosling!?

Overall the house was crammed but we had a ton of fun! Here's a pic of the whole gang, minus little old me who had to take it :(


Brienne Michelle 12:58 PM  

Oh goodness! Is Joe holding your puppy from previous blogs? He's so big!

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