Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've decided I should be banned from watching extreme home makeover.

From the moment the show comes on and they tell the families stories I am one big waterworks show.

And I usually end up watching it at 1 in the morning and get sucked into watching it, so then it's even worse cause I'm sitting in the dark alone, just balling my eyes out.

I am such a dork....


Deidre Lynn 7:27 AM  

Apparently it is in my town today!! I'm not sure where exactly (because I would totally love to go watch it) but that's the big news in the area.

A wonderful show - I agree!

greta, smitten photography 6:31 PM  

yep, that one makes me cry too. wow! me and you, a tv and a box of kleenex could totally hang out. ;)

MattDJ 12:44 AM  

You are no dork Kadie!! I am not ashamed to admit, that show is almost a guarantee for an eye bathing!!! Practically every single show too!!! :-)

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