Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last year as you may remember our adorable little puppy Audrey got all dressed up as a Princess for halloween: click here to see post from last year

This year we have decided to let her just be herself:

Oh what a difference a year makes lol!


Amanda Suanne 9:10 AM  

ahhh how cute! I love dressing up my dog :D

pamela telgenhoff 6:23 AM  

Hey Kadie! I love your work and the puppy dog! See ya.

courtney 11:20 AM  

Let me just say.....AWWWWW!!! :)
I soooo want a dog.

Michael + Anna Costa 3:12 PM  

Wow, that is too adorable!

Wai Reyes Photography 3:26 PM  

Your dog's sooo adorable! Happy Halloween, from a fellow OSPer :)


Jamie Burnett 3:51 PM  

Awwweee... So cute!

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