Monday, November 02, 2009

Boldly Going Where No Photographer Has Gone Before....

Ok so that was cheesy, but Joey and I had SOOOO much fun dressing up this Halloween as Star Trek characters I just had to share a quick picture we snagged at the party we went to! I worked hard all week sewing the costumes from scratch and I'm so stoked about how well they came out! I was inspired since Joey bought me the entire first season of the original star trek series for my birthday and I've been watching them non-stop. I never realized just how big a trekkie fan I really am until now, but it's ok I'm learning to embrace my inner geek.

Is it wrong that now I want to dress up in them again and go to one of the trekkie conventions!?

I hope everybody had fun! Tons of photos hitting the blog this week so stay tuned!


Brandi 8:59 AM  

Too awesome. A++ !

Krystal Radlinski 1:12 AM  

Alas.... we beat you to it! But we do so love to run into another trekkie pair.

gina&tony 12:53 PM  

just had to mention how FREAKING AWESOME YOU LOOK! :D i, too, am starting to embrace my inner trekkie. it's a beautiful thing.

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