Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspiring Thursdays - Inner Genius

A little while ago this year I discovered the coolest resource ever... TED. TED is an amazing nonprofit devoted to sharing ideas. Starting out as a conference in 1984 it aimed to bring people together from three different worlds: Technology, Entertainment and Design. Every year it brings together the most amazing group of people to speak at their conference in Long Beach (which sells out a year in advance every time). These people are the dreamers and the thinkers of tomorrow who are literally changing the world. They get together and simply just share what's on their mind, their dreams, their ideas, their passions. It's amazing. The best part is they put a bunch of the lectures up online afterward so you can watch them FOR FREE.... I could literally loose myself to this website for days soaking in the mass of information is has. One of my favorite videos I have seen so far though is this one I posted up. The lady in in the video is bestselling author, Elizabeth Gilbert and even though she isn't in the same field of art as I am so much of what she talks about has a direct correlation to all artists on a very deep level. So watch and be inspired! But I warn you, if you go over to TED. COM be prepared to get sucked in!


sharwell 2:25 PM  

Thanks Kadie! Love it! Eat, Pray, Love is my favorite book. :) And the weird thing is that my brother just sent me another video from TED this weekend, and I had never heard of it before. I think it's a sign.

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