Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainstorm + Arizona Sunset + Awesome Couple = Epic:

Joey and I did a teeny tiny mini session for Rachel and Adam a couple weeks back and we got one of my new favorite pictures ever! Rachel and Adam live in LA and were only in town for the weekend to visit family and wanted to get one really quick shot for their save the date cards. After brainstorming a bit and hearing what they were looking for I decided Gate's Pass would be the PERFECT location to shoot their save the date image. Well... fast forward to the evening we are supposed to shoot and the weather is not looking good... but we hop in the car and drive out there anyway. We get there and it's not getting any better. After hemming and hawing a while waiting to see if it will let up we all decide to just go for it and brave the weather and I'm so glad we did! Gold stars to Rachel for full on rock climbing in the rain, in heels, to get to the "perfect rock" for the photo!


diana elizabeth 10:03 PM  

you guys are amazing with lighting! loves it!!

Mark Eric 6:23 PM  

Yeahh.... epic! Love it.

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