Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Double Trouble

This past weekend Kasie and her boyfriend Ryan came down to visit us and the whole weekend was kinda like one long double date, we had so much fun! The first day they were down we visited one of my all time fav restuarnts in town Sauce and ordered the best pizza in the world, the chicken caesar salad pizza which is basically a pizza with parmesan cheese melted on top and then they make up a caesar salad and just dump in on top of the melted cheese, it's amazing. Then the rest of the weekend we bummed around town, took a day trip to tombstone and Bisbee, and played the most random game to ever be created, Quelf. After playing I have come to the conclusion that one needs to either be drunk or high for the game to reach it's full potential. Since basically it is just a series of crazy stunts you have to preform in front of your friend with no reward except not getting penalized. So if your in the mood for some randomness I would defiantly suggest Quelf, but be prepared to pee your pants from how hard you will be laughing! Anyway, Kasie wanted some pics of her and her boyfriend so while we were on our day trip I snapped off a couple pics. Here's just a few of my favs!


Umm.... I'm not really sure why Joey's head is in the toilet, but I took a picture anyway.

Don't worry it's just pretend...

Coffin built for two...



Candy's Photography 5:33 AM  

Wow Kadie!! Love that first shot in Bisbee! Your sis is a doll!

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