Monday, November 19, 2007

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Kasie 7:50 PM  

Ohh! I really like the second to the last picture! its really cool!

Anonymous 8:13 PM  

why so sad? Turn that frown upside down!

Gerald & Airika 10:42 PM  

Kadie-Wow! I love your work--I can't believe I just discovered you. You are a true artist--I love the shots of the leaves in her hands...there is so much happening there...especially when viewed within the sequence of images. The story is powerful. Airika ++

Colleen Donovan 2:38 PM  

Wow. These images are so intense. The texture in the first one is great - I love the lines (or circles). My favorite of the bunch is #10. Are these all self portraits?? I am very inspired! ++

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