Monday, January 07, 2008

Having Fun With Kevin King

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kevin King and tagging along on a couple of his fabulous weddings. I always love meeting new photographers and seeing how they do things, and of course getting the opportunity to learn from them, and Kevin King's photography is amazing! I really respect him as a photographer and was stoked when we asked me to come help him out for a few weddings!

The first wedding we did was at the beautiful Villa Siena up in Mesa Arizona. This place is gorgeous! It's like a little italian oasis in the middle of mesa. Although it's pretty big inside and I kept getting lost and kept finding myself going up the wrong corridor. The wedding itself was amazing. The ceremony took place inside their grand ballroom with dinner served outside in the courtyard. But I'm sure it would be a whole lot easier to image if I just shut up and showed you some of the pictures I was able to grab when I wasn't helping out Kevin.

Like I said before, this place is amazing!

The second wedding we did was at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and I think this is probably one of the coolest hotels in Phoenix! It has tons of amazing art deco inspired architecture. The day was a little hectic since the ceremony was supposed to be held outdoors and it had been raining off and on all day long. So down to the wire everyone was trying to decide wether to pull the plug on the outdoor ceremony and just move everything inside, but everything worked out perfectly and they were able to still have their ceremony outdoors without even the lightest sprinkle of rain. I helped Kevin out a bit more with this one since it was pretty overcast and so I don't have quite as many photos from this one but here are some of my favs from what I did get.


Michael Chansley 1:40 AM  

The images all look great! I had a chance to assist Kevin twice a couple of months ago and he is a great guy.

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