Monday, January 14, 2008

Salton Sea California Adventure

This past weekend Joey and I took a road-trip to California for a mass photoshoot with about 40 other photographers from all over california. We met up saturday morning with several groups of newlyweds and had the opportunity to photograph them all day. I can defiantly say that it was a very different experience than taking photos on your own. Fighting for spot to take a picture without getting another photographer defiantly made the day interesting! The location was AMAZING though, out in the middle of nowhere is this amazing body of water ( a little stagnant but beautiful none the less) surrounded by abandoned homes, motels, buses and even some forgotten furniture. You can find a pretty good write up about what happend there BY CLICKING HERE Joey and I were out all day taking photos and have the sunburns to prove it! Here are some of our favorite pictures from the trip:


Tana Huffman 11:49 AM  

These are great Kadie. It was great to meet you and your husband. Hope that we can shoot together again soon.

david & kimi baxter 12:08 PM  

wow kadie, your colors and compostition on these are awesome!!! bummer i didn't get to meet you and a lot of the time! nice work here!

jen harris 9:10 PM  

great job! beautiful colors!

Shellane & 10:04 AM  

Hi Kadie! We love all the pictures that you took! You got some great shots of us! :) It was such an interesting experience! We can't wait to see the rest of your work!!

MSOL50 10:54 AM  

love, love, love these photographs! The fourth one down is AMAZING!!! Great work!
-Shannon of Center Avenue Imaging

Jeanette Sanchez 9:02 PM  

I love them all! I can't even choose a favorite, your work is stellar! So good to meet you and your hubby, take care.

susan 2:38 AM  

kadie - beautiful stuff!! i can't even remember if we actually met or not, but lovely, lovely images! perhaps we'll meet again another time? ;)

<3 susan

Tracy Bohannan 11:29 PM  

HOT! I love all the photos that were taken at this shoot. Makes me wish I wasn't a Texas gal.

Kelly Mahoney 8:08 PM  

Awesome photos! What I wouldn't give for a little sunshine right now ...

MsB 10:58 PM  

WOWZER!!! I think your pictures ROCK! And, I like them best out of all the pix posted on the TTD site. Yeah, that's how much I like your style. =) This is probably a dumb question, but what lenses did you use? I'm pretty partial to the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L.

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