Thursday, June 12, 2008

~ Inspiring Thursdays ~

I can't believe that it's already Thursday again! Well, one of the most important aspects of photography is light, becuase with out it, you really can't even make a photograph. Light is an essencial tool that artists and photographers use to evoke emotions and one of the best, most talented people to ever do this was Caravaggio. An Italian painter, Caravaggio was able to capture the essence of light in a way that no artist has ever done since. Here's what I mean...

His use of light to not only make an image beautiful, but tell a story all to itself amazes me, putting him as one of my foremost founts of inspiration.

More of Caravaggio's work can be veiwed BY CLICKING HERE


Mike 4:02 PM  

Caravaggio is amazing! I remember these from an Art History class I took back in college. Good stuff!

Matt Radlinski 10:46 PM  

I came to your site from OSP, and found this post... Caravaggio is one of my very favorite artists. You couldn't have picked better inspiration :)

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