Sunday, July 05, 2009

Kadie & Joe: A Love Story - Act 2

Ok, here is the next act in our love story, since I know I left you all on the edge of your seats with that last post lol.. If you happened to miss Act 1, you can find it HERE.


The spring semester was almost over, and Kadie was on cloud nine. After some gentle urging from her photography professors, she had been talked into entering some photographs into her first juried show at the college. She hadn’t really had high hopes for the outcome, since she had only just recently completed her first photography class and all the other entries were from students that far surpassed her in education and experience. But her teachers had insisted so she had given in and entered two images.

When she received the news that she had won not only first place in the photography section, but also third place as well, she was ecstatic to say the least.

As she walked across the parking lot to her car after class she couldn’t help but be proud of herself and excited for the future. Lost in her thoughts she heard a voice calling her name. She stopped, turned around, and there was Joe. Had he been that cute last semester she thought to herself… she hadn’t remembered him being quite so good looking. She caught herself staring and said hello. They chit chatted for a while and she told him all about the photography competition and how surprised and excited she was to have won. He smiled, congratulated her and told her what he had been up to since they had last seen each other. He in turn grew very excited as he told her that he had fallen in love with journalism and gotten hired on at the school newspaper as the assistant editor. “You should apply for the photographer’s position” he said. Kadie cocked her head to the left, the warm spring sunshine hitting her face. She was confused since she had been told just the day before that the position had already been filled. Joe now looked equally puzzled and told her no, that they were still interviewing people but that technically today was the last day to apply. Kadie sighed, sad to have missed a great opportunity on faulty information.

Joe got a twinkle in his deep brown eyes and told her that if she could get a resume and portfolio together by tomorrow he would go talk to the hiring board and convince them to let her apply. She smiled excitedly and told Joe she would bring in her resume and portfolio bright and early the next morning.

Sure enough she did and was quickly set up with an interview and suddenly found herself the official staff photographer for “The Roughwriter”. No sooner had she been hired than it dawned on her that Joe was going to be her new boss.

Being the one and only photographer for the paper meant she ended up doing photography for just about anything and everything the paper might be writing a story on. Her least favorite of these assignments was sports, having to sit through 3 hour games to take photos wasn’t really her cup of tea. However, because of this she found herself spending quite a bit of time with Joe again. You see in addition to being the assistant editor, he was also the staff sports writer. They kept each other company during the games, Joe telling her the rules to some of the ones she had never played and Kadie randomly jumping up to snap a photo when the action got good.

During these long games a funny thing happened. Kadie began to like Joe more and more. Although his sneakers, once white, but now yellow, cracked and warped always bothered her. He might not have the best choice in clothing she thought. But he really was one the sweetest guys she had ever met. So finally, one day after a long meeting for the newspaper, Kadie called out for Joe to hang on a sec. She walked across the cafeteria her feet clacking on the linoleum and caught up with him.

“I was wondering,” she started hesitantly… “if I could maybe get your phone number.” Joe looked at her and smiled, having given up giving her his number after his seventh attempt. He pulled a large sheet of 8.5 x 11in paper out of his beat up blue backpack and in large numbers that filled up the entire page he wrote his number for her. He handed it to her and said “try losing that.”



Michael Chansley 10:00 PM  

Oh how I love sitting through 3 hour games to take photos! :D

Casia Fletcher 4:31 PM  

Ha. The best part is...'try losing that!!!'. Love it!

MK Peanut Nut 5:00 PM room love.

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