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Kadie & Joe: A Love Story - Act 1

(Joey and I's anniversary is coming up on the 9th, so I thought instead of just sharing the story of how he proposed,  I'd share our whole love story in three acts, keep in mind this is from my perspective which Joey thinks is very flawed, so if you want his side of the story you might have to ask him lol...)


Running late seemed to be Kadie's major talent in life. It probably had to do with the fact that she just loved to sleep, which might have stemmed from the fact she liked to stay up late. Whatever the reason, she could never seem to be on time to anything. Today was no exception. It was the first day of school for the fall semester of 2003 and Kadie was running across campus after her first class of the day had gotten out late. As she ran she thought about her dream of being a forensic anthropologist and then weighed that against the chemistry class she had just endured for the past hour and half. "Could she really sit through eight years of science classes?" she thought to herself. Finally she reached the door to her next class which promised to be a much needed break from all her gen ed's. Creative writing sounded like just what the doctor ordered. She swung the big oak door open and scanned the small room for a seat. The room was tiny, and crammed with 5 circular tables and a teachers desk. Around each table were 4 to 5 uncomfortable looking plastic chairs in various shades the 70's had provided. She took a seat at the first table she came to at the back of the room. The room filled up quickly and soon every seat was taken. The other chairs around her occupied by a very overweight middle age man, and young girl about her age with dark curly hair, and a rather geeky looking boy who always seemed to wear a very mischievous grin on his face.

The first few weeks passed as the class was given different assignments to write and then read aloud to the class. Kadie soon became slightly uncomfortable by the people surrounding her as each week they seemed to grow more and more odd. The big middle-age man to her left was constantly wielding his large red marker, putting massive red '"x"s across anyone's work he disliked in the least bit. That combined with his 6 page erotic poem made Kadie uneasy to say the least. The other two people at her table also seemed to enjoy the erotic a bit to much with the geeky looking smiling boy writing long stories about necrophiliacs and crazy phsyco women. All of this made her have second thoughts about her choice of seat for the class.

The next day she managed to get to class early and take a new seat across the room from her new found erotic friends. She hadn't chosen the seat by random. Although she told herself that she had. Secretly there was a boy in this class she thought was cute. A bit rock and roll, but so was she, in her cut off jeans, long blonde hair, smoky eyes, black and red skater shoes and cool puffy wristbands. Heck, she was even in a band. The room filled up again and her new table mates seemed to give her an understanding smile as they took their seats next to her.

Again, assignments came, and class periods went by, and she soon found that she had nothing in common with rocker boy at all. So she began talking to the other people at her table, one of which was a boy named Joe.

They hit if off right away and talked constantly during class, discussing their families, and newest poetry they were working on. After class, Joe would walk Kadie to her red jeep wrangler, set her inside safely, then stand waving as she drove off into the distance. Kadie however, had a very different perspective on the sweet events that were occurring between her and her new table mate. After arriving home from class she ran into her mothers room and proceeded to tell her about this crazy boy at school that she thought was stalking her. "He even follows me to my car mom! And he doesn't leave until I drive away, and even then he stands in my parking spot waving for who knows how long. I think he's stalking me." Kadie's mom smiled, and assured her daughter that she was sure she was mistaken, and that the boy most likely was not stalking her.

Kadie, however, remained unconvinced.

As the rest of the semester went by, Joe attempted to give Kadie his phone number several times under the guise of wanting to go over some poetry they had written, and to get the other's opinion on the work. Kadie, although flattered by these offerings, was not about to take his phone number. But of course she wasn't going to be rude about it, so she took them and then simply lost them.... 7 times....

The semester ended, and Kadie was sure that was to be the last of her stalker. However, fate had something very different planned for her.


End of Act 1


Joe journalist 2:04 PM  

... We should get to Act 2 quickly because you make me sound like such a creeper! For anyone who wants the story from the journalist's perspective, let me know. ;)

Leah Simmers 3:15 PM  

I love this. Hubby and I have different versions too!

Cheryl 3:50 PM  

She should have mentioned the baseball shirts you wore... what could be more American pie than a guy in a baseball shirt?

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