Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Room To Stay

For those of you who don't know, my little sis is an uber talented videographer, I get to work with her on a lot of weddings when she is shooting for her company Reel Mccoy Productions. However she is also going to film school right now to pursue her life long dream of becoming a movie director. Now you may balk at this; you may even laugh; I mean come do you know how many people ACTUALLY MAKE IT in that industry!? And if we were talking about anybody other than my sister I'd agree with you.

But we are talking about my little sis, who got her associates degree at the age of 17! She is the most determined, stubborn person I have ever met and if she wants something there is no stopping her until she reaches her goals. So I KNOW she is going to make it.

Anyway; yes, I am a proud big sis. Moving on with my story.

On Thursday last week Kasie (my little sis; and yes we have almost the exact same name...) filmed her 1st ever REAL movie! I mean she's filmed tons of other movies with her nice digital cameras, but this was her first movie shot on film, on a soundstage, with a cast that she held auditions for the part, for a story she wrote, and on an elaborate set she made. It was an all out production! So when she needed a photographer to come take behind the scenes photos for her, I really wanted to be there!

It was so fun to see my lil sis in her element! They had like 30 min conversations where I could have sworn they must have been speaking a different language. It was awesome. I for the most part tried to stay out of the way and keep out from underfoot while trying to take photos.

Here's a few photos that I got during the day, and a link to a SLIDESHOW of a bunch more of the photos.

Here's the synopsis for the movie so you can get an idea of what it's about:

A man finds himself trapped in an unknown room, and his attempts to escape only result in deeper levels confusion and disorientation. As various items he finds remind him of a past life, he becomes increasingly more determined to discover a way to escape

The creepy little set...

Kasie turned my photo into the poster for her movie...

Kasie and her hubby adjusting some lighting modifiers...

Will, her actor for the part, was REALLY GREAT! Here's one of the times they filmed him running into the room...

No clue what they are doing, but it looked important...

Ohh this was fun! Kasie's hubby Ryan does amazing special effects make-up, and in the movie there is a creepy bride with her mouth sewn shut. (played by my future-sis-in-law Mickey) SOOOO CREEPY!!!

So this is my favorite photo from the day, it's so hollywood to me! She looks so into what she is doing, I just remember smiling the whole day inside as I watched her directing and totally passionate about what she was doing.

If you want to see more photos there are a TON in the slideshow I made for her. To view it just click here!


Rachael Earl 1:08 PM  

How awesome for her! I have an uncle who's a Hollywood camera man, and it's awesome that she's trying to break into it.

courtney 1:16 PM  

Katie, this is UBER cool. :) Your sister seems amazing. seems like the whole family is VERY talented!

The McCoy's 1:46 PM  

GREAT PHOTOS! You did an awesome job at capturing the 'high intensity' of a film set! lol! the pics came out awesome.

Jim 4:57 PM  

Thanks Kadie from the bottom of my heart for spending the day with Kasie. You two are so talented! (it came from your Mom- not me...)

Your words and pictures made me cry.. I love you both so very much! Dad

Michael Chansley 5:13 PM  

Very cool! Good luck to your sister! I actually know a LOT of people working in Hollywood, but I went to Brooks Institute too... Great images of the set.

courtney 8:58 AM  

i just realized i spelled your first name wrong like a total dork. sorry, kadie. :)

SceneOne Photography 9:25 AM  

congrats to your sis and great set shots!!!

jessica messer 9:22 PM  

Wow! Can you say jealous? I love that you got to take part in this. I love the set. So creepy, yet still stylish and interesting. Great job.

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