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Wow 2 posts in two days!!! Hopefully I'll stay back in the hang of this blogging thing this time and not have so many long absences anymore!

I was so excited when Andrea and Brad asked me to photograph their wedding last year, you might recognize Brad as a groomsmen from Jordan + Miriam's wedding! It's always so fun to photograph weddings for friends of your other clients because chances are I get to see them again (plus it's one less name to learn on the wedding day lol)!

I also couldn't wait for the wedding because it was at DC Ranch, a location I'd never shot at before and was super excited to see. I have one more wedding there this year and I am STOKED, I really loved everything about the place, it's awesome for taking pictures! But I'll stop telling you and start showing you what I mean...

Andrea got ready at the coolest salon named Dolce Salon & Spa, and I was in love with her stylist! We share the same passion for red hair, although she totally rocks a much cooler shade than I do...

I adore any salon with great window light, makes my job SOOOO easy!

I love this shot of her looking in the mirror...

I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw this dress hanging up where the girls got ready!

You know me I can't forget the shoes!!!

All of Andrea's bridesmaids were so much fun, I love these couple I got of one of them holding her dress...

Isn't this a cool shot too!? I'm pretty proud of these photos if you can't tell yet...

I was lucky enough to have the fabulous Laura Siivola tag along with me again for this wedding and she grabbed some great images, I'm always so excited to work with her! While I was taking pics of the girls she went and got some great detail shots like that one on the left! Joey snagged the one on the right...

Here's my awesome back-up team in action again, this time Joey's is on the left getting Brad's expression when he saw Andrea and Laura was hanging back to grab that awesome shot on the right!

Another one of Joey's...

Joey's on the left, mine on the right. He always gets to have fun taking pics from cool vantage points durning the ceremony while I hang back to make sure and capture everything from the traditional angles...

This place is seriously beautiful!

Here's another one of Joey's he totally rocked the house on this wedding!

Some reception details, Laura grabbed the super fun ariel cake shot how fun is that!?

In the mean time I was drooling over all the yummy treats they had everywhere and taking photos of them...

Brad and Andrea opted to have a morning wedding which I really like for a couple reasons... 1) Great lighting all day for pictures, you don't have to worry about the sun setting on you! 2) You can do all your wedding photos after your reception is over and take you marry time about it since nobody is waiting on you! 3) You get to eat breakfast brunch yumminess at your reception!

Their first dance was so cute!

Oh I forgot to mention the other reason I was so stoked for the wedding, they are Jewish! I really LOVE photographing Jewish weddings, they hold so much tradition and they have awesome things like this to photograph!

I love this photo of Andrea...

More fun dancing!

So like I said before, the great thing about having a morning wedding is doing pictures at the end, we had so much fun wandering around leisurely snapping photos it was a nice change from my usual mad dash to make sure we stay on time.

This is one of my new all time favorite photos! I love how it turned out!

Andrea totally rocked the house and was a perfect model!

See how fun this place is!?

Then to end a totally awesome day, Brad surprised Andrea with this amazing get away car!

Congrats you two, you are an amazing couple and I'm excited to see what the future holds for you both! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your amazing day!

FACT: I did not have to use my flash a single time the whole day! My last reason why I like morning weddings!


marie cox 10:20 AM  

what a lovely did a great jon

Adam Squier 9:14 AM  

Nice caddy image. Perfect treatment. I also like the one on the steps.

Purple Nickel Studio 10:04 AM  

Holy SMOKES Kadie...LOVE this wedding. The whole team did an amazing job with every single detail...the couple is gonna adore these! What great weather too!

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