Monday, June 22, 2009

Celina + Bryan

Celina contacted me a while back curious if i was available to photograph her wedding in November, sadly I was already booked :( But I was super stoked when she asked if I could still do their engagement session for them! Since Celina had already told me they were going to have a vintage themed wedding I just KNEW we had to do their engagement session in Bisbee. When they agreed I was so excited to be back to my favorite town to take some more pictures. We hit up some of my fav spots and found a couple new ones too!

I am really really in love with this doorway, and Celina and Bryan totally rocked it out!!!

How cute is this!!! I love how old all these buildings are!

So.... I was already sad I couldn't shoot their wedding, but shots like these make me REALLY sad I can't photograph it... I mean she is going to make one beautiful bride!

They are seriously a fun couple to hang out with too, Joey and I had so much fun with them!

I <3 This Photo!!!

Quick, who can name the other engagement session I did where the bride wore a blue dress and yellow shoes?

Isn't this fun!?

Are you kidding me!?!? Totally gorgeous!!!

Lol, so this whole session I felt like a complete couch potato. See, Bryan is a personal trainer and we're walking all around taking photos and I am really starting to get tried... because Kadie+Exercise do not a friendship make; in fact we're more like good friends who had a REALLY bad falling out. Maybe one day we'll patch things up, but for now we aren't on speaking terms. So... I am quite out of shape. So here we are walking around and I'm huffing and panting and sucking in air like I've never heard of oxygen before. Meanwhile everybody else looks fresh as daisies and ready for a 10 mile hike. It's at this moment that I saw these stairs and KNEW what a good photo it would be if I hiked to the top and shot down. I then began to weigh my artistic vision against my bodily will to climb the steps... and like always the artist in me won out and I huffed and puffed my way to the top. But I totally think it was worth it! (sidenote to make me feel less like an out of shape dork, those stairs were MUCH taller and there to many more of them than you can see in this photo... ok... I'll stop now lol)

I've had this idea rolling around for a while and I love how it came out, totally reminds me of a fashion ad...

Have I mentioned I love Bisbee?

Got creative with some off camera light for a little bit... I love how this one turned out!

Ok so I bought this camera for $10 at a thrift shop, thought was totally cute just to set on my shelf in my living room. But then I started to get an idea for using it in a photo. Celina and Bryan were gracious enough to let me play around and get my idea out.... I kinda like the results!

Thank you guys SOOO much for letting me still get to be a part of your wedding even in this small way. I had so much fun getting to know you both! I can't wait to see some of your wedding pics I know it's going to be amazing!


Michael Chansley 9:05 AM  

This look great Kadie! It's too bad you're unavailable for their wedding. I could just see how much fun it would have been with these two.

Josh 1:35 PM  

Those street shots look like your on a movie set ... awesome work!

Cheryl 2:54 PM  

The town of Bisbee is going to owe you royalties soon for making it such a great back drop for your gorgeous couples and pictures!

Mandie 2:29 PM  

Was it July that wore blue with yellow? Just a shot in the dark. I love your work!

Kieran 4:21 PM  

Wow, Bisbee seems amazing. I would love to join one of your local Shoot-Outs sometime. Casia pointed me to "The Click". I'm new to the game and love your art.

Great work.

jessica messer 9:24 PM  

This is a REALLY STRONG set of images. Your run the whole spectrum from fun and flirty to romantic and moody and back again. I love the lighting in all of them.

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