Friday, August 07, 2009

Shira + Chang: Engaged

Ugghhh I am so behind on my blogging! Back in July I got to do a really fun engagement session for Shira and Chang who's amazing wedding I am photographing THIS SUNDAY! Yes... that is how behind on blogging I am. So I just had to get this blog post up before their wedding lol! Shira and Chang wanted to start the day off somewhere with a desert feel so we headed over to one of my favorite photo spots DeGrazia Gallery In The Sun. They have this awesome old adobe building there that I just LOVE to photograph inside of because the light is amazing!

I really do love this sneak peek I showed the other day...

Is this not so GQ? I love it!

And of course I had to get one of my favorite "Kadie shots"! Have I mentioned I love eyelashes?

Then after we wandered around DeGrazia for a while Shira and Chang told me one of their favorite things to do together is go to a coffee shop and sit and read the newspaper, so we headed down to my favorite cafe in town The Cup Cafe. They have some of the best food in town! We grabbed a table outside and I am so excited with the photos we got!

Is this not so cute! I would totally blow up the photo on the left and make a huge canvas of it for my house!

Showing off the bling...

This was hilarious; Chang wanted to go sit at another table and peek over his paper at Shira, we got some totally hilarious photos of this. This one is of a more casual version of the same idea...

Needless to say Joey was pretty stoked about getting any photos involving a newspaper! lol!

Then to wrap of the session Shira told me that the other thing that her and Chang love to do together is cook, and since neither of them live in town we headed over to her parents house to whip up a bit to eat and capture some photos.

Is this not so cute!?

And finally my fav ring shot of the day!

Thank you guys so much for an awesome day and I cannot wait for your wedding this weekend!!!!


Brandi 8:02 AM  

What a gorgeous couple! Love these shots.

AbraMichelle 11:39 PM  

Really really love these and how you seemed to have captured their personalities and relationship spot on. The first coffee house shot and the cooking ones are my favorites.

And is he SUPER tall or is he just tall and she is short making him look taller than life? O_o

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