Friday, August 28, 2009

Kristen Lane - 2010 Senior Rep

I am so excited to start unveiling some of our senior rep photos! These are the amazing seniors who we have choosen to represent our company for the 2010 school year. Our first rep is Kristen, who is totally amazing, I think I see a lot of myself in her so we got along fabulously. I mean what photographer wouldn't be over the moon when their client arrives with an entire van full of awesome clothing and props! I also got to shoot half of her session in my FAVORITE LOCATION... Bisbee... yes I know you might be sick of me talking about it... but I really love that town. So get ready to be excited because these photos came out so fantastic... I am just a bit proud of myself... having an amazing model sure helps too!

CAN WE SAY FAVORITE!? I am so in love with that guitar picture it hurts...
Are you kidding me!? This girl is so beautiful!
FAVORITE!!!!! I'm pretty much in love with this guitar picture as well...
Then on the way back to Tucson we made a quick stop in St. David to catch the oh so perfect sunset lighting...

FAVORITE!!! Ok I have lots of favorites from this one... so sue me...

Kristen you are totally amazing.  Thank you for being up for anything and everything!


katdodge 2:35 PM  

BEAUTIFUL!! love the fluid posing, so natural and graceful!

Casia Fletcher 4:00 PM  

Ummmmm...YEAH! The guitar shots are freakin awesome!!! Me likey those long time! Work it work it. The camera sort of loves her. *wink**

Rachael Earl 8:23 PM  

Holy moly!!! These are gorgeous!

Brandi 11:06 PM  

That girl has some MAD STYLE!! So gorgeous.

Anonymous 2:14 AM  

im smiling like a moron out of pride right now haha but i do have to say it was all kadie's doing! so much fun =]

Julie 9:24 AM  

Nice work!! I love seniors, their the best..

Pamela Telgenhoff 6:06 AM  

This is a WONDERFUL shoot!!! She is a beautiful girl and you created beautiful images too!

Kathrin 2:58 AM  

Great work. Saw them on OSP and had to visit your blog. Her posing looks very natural and easy.

Loren Scott Photography 9:22 PM  

Excellent shots, Kadie! For a senior portrait session, that girl (and you) made it look like a full-on model portfolio shoot! Great work!

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