Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Savannah Dotson - 2010 Senior Rep

More seniors!!! I was so excited when I got Savannah's application to be a senior rep, I seriously can't resist a girl with freckles! Then when we met up for her session and she showed me this amazing leather jacket she brought along I KNEW we had to go to one of my newest photo locations to test it out since it would be oh so perfect for her outfit! I'm so stoked to show you these images!

Doesn't this first one remind you of an old school flight movie?

I found this awesome old hanger to take pictures in there and IT WAS SO COOL!!!!

Of course Savannah was just a tad easy to photograph, so that didn't hurt either!

FAVORITE! I <3 Symmetry!

Dumpsters can be so beautiful...

I mean come on!? She could totally be a model...

I love this one too! Savannah was so great about being up for anything and everything!

Savannah, you are seriously gorgeous inside and out! Thank you for letting me take you picture :)


courtney 5:43 AM  

These are absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, you've done BRILLIANT on these seniors sessions. :)

Heather 5:02 PM  

I love the one with her chin in her hand- nice work!

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