Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shira + Chang

Joey and I are jetting out of town for a few days to colorado to photograph a wedding, and I just HAD to make sure and blog Shira and Chang's gorgeous wedding before I left!. Partly so you could have something new to look at while we're gone and partly because Shira has been waiting so patiently and I didn't want to make her wait until we come back to see a preview of what we have in store for her! So on with the photos!

When I first heard that Shira was going to wear her mothers wedding dress, for a moment all I could think of was what my mothers 80's style wedding dress looked like and to be honest was a bit worried lol... but then when we were at her parents home during their engagement session I saw a photo of it and quickly got very excited! It totally looks like it just waltzed out of the wardrobe department on an Audrey Hepburn movie.

Have I mentioned yet that I like pictures of shoes!?

Shira was so totally relaxed all day...

These photos are seriously so timeless, didn't I tell you her dress was amazing!?

Shira and Chang opted to do a first look so we could have lots of time to wander around the resort and take photos, I really love this one.

I seriously love this one too, Shira nicknamed Chang, "Chang Bond" for the day. I never realized how much I love bow ties!

Everything about this day had such an elegance it it.

Favorite! Thanks to my amazing second shooting on this wedding Shaun for pointing this spot out!

Ok seriously!? That photo on the left is straight out of old hollywood. I love it!

After pictures we went to sign the Ketubah, one of my favorite parts of this is when the groom veils his bride (after checking to make sure that it's really her under there). I really love this image I got of it!

Then it was on to the ceremony

I really love this image of their parents surrounding them...

Thank you guys for such an amazing amazing day!

Location: Westward Look Resort
Wedding Planner/Flowers: Marianne Langer


Brandi 7:45 AM  

Super gorgeous! Her dress = WOW!

Susan Solo 6:30 PM  

Beautiful images, Kadie and Joe! I'm a new fan of yours. :) Adding your blog to my feed-reader now!

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