Friday, October 23, 2009

Ben + Megan - Allenspark Colorado

Ok, where to start with this wedding! I was so stoked when I got an e-mail from Ben wanting to talk to us about his wedding in Colorado, because:

1) Any excuse to get out of the Arizona heat is awesome.


2) Because Ben was a groomsmen at Amy and Austin's awesome wedding that I photographed last year, and if you are a friend of theirs you're pretty much guaranteed to be awesome as well. And they totally are.

So we were super super super excited for this wedding, and it sure didn't let us down! Everything was just so perfect and the location was just gorgeous. AND to top everything off one of my best friends and photographer Timco came along to help me out as a second shooter on this one!  But enough with the talk, I'm pretty sure this mammoth post can sum up how awesome it was without me talking any more! :)

Timco snapped these two...

Totally amazing ring shot by Joey :)

I also adore this one that Tim got... totally jealous it's not mine!

Joey get's the best wide angle photos of ceremonies!

Cake shot by Joey as well!  He is turning into such an amazing photographer!!!

Whew! That was a long one! Thank you guys so so so much for letting us tag along!


Bryan McLean 8:45 PM  

WOW You did a great job photographing the wedding. You really captured the atmosphere and happiness of this wedding. Thank you so much!

Krystal 12:15 AM  

Soooo loving the ring shot!

. s h e r r y * 10:52 PM  

Wow!! Beautiful images. The ring shot is really awesome!

Allison S 2:17 PM  

Love that ring shot and her bouquet! Beautiful photos!!

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