Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jen - Couture Senior Session

I know we are all running around this week buying last minute Christmas gifts and getting our houses clean for family to come over for the Holidays, but I just HAD to share some images from Jen's senior session with you guys! Jen came to our Studio Showcase back in September and won a free Couture Senior Session, so we finally set up a day for her to come to the Studio and get her photos done. I had so much fun using our new studio!!!!! It really is the perfect place for us and the type of images we like to capture, with awesome urban and industrial backdrops it's awesome! Jen was the perfect person to give it it's first real test run too, she is seriously the most photogenic person I have ever met in my entire life. I would literally would just say "go stand over there" and she would just start posing, and look so totally chic! The whole session I kept asking her if she'd done any modeling and she insisted she had never even had her photos taken before except for her school pics for the yearbook. Gahhh!!!! If only I was this good looking in front of a camera! Totally jealous!

We started off doing just a few inside the studio....

Then we moved out back which is filled with the most awesome assortment of backdrops!

This is my FAVORITE location at the studio, the lighting in this little spot is always GORGEOUS!

SERIOUSLY!? Do you believe that this girl has never had her photos done before!? So totally gorgeous!

After a quick outfit change we did just a few more studio snaps... LOVE that photo on the right. I think every woman just feels more beautiful when they have wind blowing in their hair...

Another outfit change and few more studio shots upstairs against this amazing green wall we have. I was IN LOVE with her outfit...

AYKM!? This girl is amazing!

One last quick outfit change and some more shots from out back...

I love this big pile of sawdust we have out back, it makes for some awesome images!

I am also kinda in love with this RV...

So there you have it, a complete session done 100% at our new studio! If you like what you see give us a shout and set up your own session!


mel 6:45 AM  

truly awesome work, love visiting your blog

danielle 9:23 AM  

Simply stunning !!!!! I love the studio. Your model really felt comfortable with you and you can see that in all the images , you guys had a blast and these images ROCK!

W. Ashley 9:28 AM  

It looks great! Love the poses and the looks. Very chic!

Brandi 6:44 PM  

Kadie, no way do I believe she hasn't had pictures taken. The girl is working it like a supermodel. These are awesome!! :)

Sylvia Borgo 11:39 PM  

Kadie, Kadie - your images just floor me. You are a talent. A true talent. This session is spectacular! I bet this senior is thrilled with her images!

Annie Warren 3:13 AM  

Utterly GORGEOUS images Kadie. GORGEOUS in CAPITAL LETTERS! You are just crazy talented girl. Seriously inspirational work.

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