Saturday, December 12, 2009

Matt + Britany: Married

It's finally arrived!!!! Ever since I photographed this wedding I just couldn't wait to blog it! It was just one of those weddings where you turn around and everything is amazing down to the tiniest details. This post is huge... I think it might be my biggest ever... I really did try and edit it down I promise! And I still look through and think of other awesome pictures that didn't make it.... SO take a look at the post and then I will also include a link to a slideshow of EVEN MORE pictures at the end!

I loved Britany's dress with the floral detail on the shoulder...

Britany thought of everything... down to this cute tank to wear while she got ready...

Did I mention details?

I love this ring shot!!!

I had the pleasure of having my good friend and awesome photographer Laura Siivola tag along and shoot with me at the wedding, here is one of my favorite images she got that day! I love it!

More ring shots... I couldn't help myself. Oh and I had to show off the peacock feathers Britany had for each girl to wear in their hair!

I am in love with the light in this image...

I could say many amazing things about how beautiful Britany is... but I'll just say this: Barbie doesn't have anything on her!

Are you kidding me? I was sort of flipping out excited while we were taking these photos...

After we took some portraits of Britany I walked over to the ceremony site and fell freaking in love with EVERYTHING... I think if it were possible I would time travel and rip off Britany's entire wedding for my own when we got married lol...

One of my favorite details of the whole day was this awesome crystal garland!

I love this sign they had set up pointing their guests to the wedding! Although I'm biased since I own that exact same picture frame and have it hanging in my living room... I told you I loved everything...

I also fell in love with all the flowers at the wedding, they were so amazing! I posted a link to the lady who did them down on the bottom of the post in case you are looking for someone :)

It was such a perfect day...


After the wedding the sun had already gone behind the mountain and was setting, so we kinda had to run around like crazy people taking photos before we ran out of time. But we managed to get some awesome photos!

I love both of these!

I know I mentioned how gorgeous Britany is already, but Matt was totally rockn' it GQ style all day too!

Just two more of Britany... I could photograph her all day...

I love both of these shots Joey grabbed!

I didn't want to make the post to long but I just had to include an image of their amazing bridal party! These girls were awesome I love them all!

The guys were pretty cool cats as well...

Reception details and more of the awesome crystal garland! Aren't these centerpieces amazing!?!?!?

They had the menu cut in a circle and placed under the clear chargers on the table... it looked so cool!!!!

Each table had one of their engagement photos for the table numbers and a special mix CD for each guest!

The gorgeous cake

NOTE TO ALL FUTURE BRIDES: colored lights in your reception make for awesome lighting for photos!

Whew.... that was one mammoth post! If you still haven't had enough and want to see more check out

Flowers: The Garage By Ivy
Location: Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa


Kat Forsyth 3:23 AM  

WOW. Ok, you weren't kidding! Amazing stuff!

Brooke Stevens-Patrick 7:48 AM  

Absolutely stunning. Amazing details and the colors just POP!

Brandi 10:02 AM  

One word for you: STUNNING! Bride = Stunning (Hey, the groom is pretty stunning too!), the decor is gorgeous and the photos.. awesome of course.. I wish my photos were half as awesome as these. You're a rockstar!!

Aaron Hawes 10:37 AM  

So much color and intensity. You captured everything perfectly!

Britany 2:08 PM  

Thanks so much Kadie and Joe for capturing everything so perfect at our wedding! Makes all the hard work and attention to detail worth it when you see it all come together here! You guys ROCK!

Casia Fletcher 12:12 PM  

What a fabulous wedding to photograph...definitely a photographer's dream. I love when couples pay so much to details. Great job Kadie & Joe!

Joshua Dwain 1:19 PM  

Wow these are really great captures! Loving it!

Jim 12:39 PM  

Great Job and cool pics!


Alex Workman 5:18 PM  

The colors captured in this shoot are incredible!

Allison Marie 5:13 PM  

I found you through OSP, and I LOVE your work! You have such gorgeous colors and use of natural light! I'm inspired by you!

Sylvia Borgo 11:44 PM  

This is an AMAZING series of images. To have such a beautiful bride, such a gorgeous couple - WOW! I'm just picking up my jaw off the floor! Excellent work, Kadie

Elizabeth 8:40 PM  

Wow! Gorgeousness everywhere! How could you even stop shooting to leave??

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