Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jeff + Ashley: Engaged

I have decided that the holidays is maybe not the best time to swear to become a better blogger lol...

Jeff and Ashley are awesome, we actually just got to photograph their wedding this past Thanksgiving weekend! It was so beautiful, I love both of them! Here are just a couple of my favorite pictures we got during their mini engagement shoot we did right before their wedding. These guys have two of the happiest and joyful spirits ever, and you can tell immediately just how much they both love each other.

Doesn't this just make you want to go snuggle?

I love this image...

The light was seriously wonderful during this whole session...

I heart these two pictures... Ashley's eye's are amazing!

Can I just love all of these?

More snuggle time...

At the end of the session we headed out to Gate's Pass to grab just a few more pictures as the sun set since that is where Jeff proposed, and I'm so glad we did because we got some awesome photos!

How cute is this!?

You really can't beat an Arizona sunset!

Stay tuned for Lera and Nate's totally kick-butt engagement session tomorrow!


Liana 6:50 AM  

You're right about those eyes!! Bam! Great capture on everything - I bet they love the variety!

Mike Richards 7:37 AM  

Gorgeous Kadie, gorgeous! Your colors are just awesome!

Todd 4:32 PM  

I found your site in one of the Open Source Photo forums. Great engagement and wedding photography! You've got a great eye for details.

Kendra- Arizona wedding Photographer 5:41 PM  

Beautiful images Kadie!

Amanda Hill 7:39 PM  

Great job on these photos. I found your blog through the hideout forum, as I'm on there as well. Looking forward to more photos!

Mariah Milan | Austin Baby Photographer 3:57 PM  

Wow! Yeah... you can definitely love them ALL. Cause they're all awesome. Love her eyes. Love the locations.

erica 8:44 AM  

diggin that cowgirl hat. LOVE these :)

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