Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Reneé + James: Engaged

Joey and I met up with Reneé and James back toward the end of January to do their engagement session. I had lots of fun photographing them at some of my favorite locations around town and a couple of new places I'd never done photos before which was really cool to get some fresh inspiration!

We started off at one of my new favorite places ever downtown... and I'm totally in love whith this first image...

These guys really did make it too easy for me... I mean come on, check out those model faces on the left!

What is it about chopping off heads I like so much!? I think it's the fact that the photo turns into being more about the connection between two people instead of the people themselves necessarily...

After we had done some photos there we went down near the Hotel Congress and found ourselves in the middle of Dillinger Days! Which is basically kind of an ode to the capture of the notorious gangster John Dillinger (which happened at the hotel congress 76 years ago). They have reenactments, vintage music from the 30's and 40's and lots of fun old cars.

Among the old cars was this awesome vintage bus that we got to take some photos with!

This photo makes my little old school black and white movie loving heart pound...

We even snagged a few photos with the actors... I love this one!

After all that excitement we went round a corner where we found this awesome Dia de los Muertos image! Which may seem strange if you aren't from the southwest, but it's an amazing Mexican holiday all about family and remembering your loved ones that have passed, but mostly it's just a big party celebrating life and love.

And since we had to head back to my studio anyway for the next clothing change I decided to snag a few there... and I'm still not sick of the space, I seriously love my backlot for my studio!

Go Wildcats!!!!

LOVE THESE TWO!!!! Have I mentioned I like my studio? lol...

These two were seriously such great models...

Then after we had our fun at the studio we made one more quick change and zoomed down to San Xavier Mission for a few more images. I've been down there before on a day trip by myself, but it was so fun to go back and get to do portraits there. Although trying to get an image without a bazillion people in the background proved to be quite the challenge!

You've seen this one already... but I am seriously in love with it...

Although it's in close competition to this one...

I would just like to take a moment to mention that it was FREEZING this day.... like I was all bundled up in my winter coat cold. Renee was such a trooper wearing her awesome outfits outside and somehow managing to look gorgeous all day and not one bit cold.

Love the colors in this one! We snuck around back and found this awesome little area with the added bonus of NO PEOPLE lol...

Ok I know I have like a million favorites in this post, but I really love this one as well...

Then on our way back we made a quick stop off at another one of my fav locations to snag just a few final photos...

I love this one too...

Whew that was a long one! Lol... Thanks for bearing with me!

Thank you Renee and James for such an awesome day and for being such amazing models for me!


Billy & Sabrina 5:26 PM  

Kadie there are no words to describe how you capture the love two people share for one another!!! You are not only an AMAZING talent but an amazing person!!! I LVOE THEM ALL!!! ~ Sabrina

katdodge 5:27 PM  

great photos!!

Anonymous 10:41 AM  

I love the location in the 4th set of pictures. Where is that at. What a great job you do! Fabulous!

J'adore Paris 11:19 PM  

Your picture are Gorgeous! As always! You are by far one of the best out there!

Jim 3:14 PM  

OK- Running into the gangsters was pretty damn cool! You take the greatest photos, KD you are my Hero..

Love You, Duddy

Vancouver Wedding Photographer 11:55 AM  

Awesome shoot; I love the locations!

Elizabeth van der Bij 9:46 AM  

Spectacular, as always!

Michelle Rasmussen 12:51 PM  

Awesome work Kadie & Joe!!! :)

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