Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After talking with my Dad (aka my most loyal blog stalker) and getting yelled at for not having posted anything new up here in a while, I decided I should maybe update this with a new post lol :)

Then I realized that I had never blogged Lisa and Memo's totally amazing wedding! This wedding was so much fun, I loved everything about it, the people, the color, the decorations... everything was so gorgeous. So without further ado... a new blog post :)

The shoes...
Lisa was totally amazing and went super high fashion with her look, I was IN LOVE with her updo...
I love it when I have time to play with bling...

Lisa's puppy was SO cute and even got to be the ring bearer!
Lisa and Memo opted to do a first look so we could make sure to have time to get tons of great photos

Lisa you are gorgeous...

Memo wasn't to shabby himself either though!
Wedding Time!
They had the coolest idea to submerge gerber daisy's in water down the isle... it looked so cool!

Mr. + Mrs.!!!

The reception was gorgeous too... I'm a sucker for candlelight....
How amazing is this!? The cutest cupcakes and mini cotton candy! It doesn't hurt that I was magically able to time the photo with the sunset in the perfect matching colors either... so awesome!

Thank you guys so much for letting us be a part of your day!


Ross 4:38 PM  

Great shots. Love them all. Great to see you guys in Vegas.

Brandi 4:59 PM  

So gorgeous and fashionable! Love all the colors as well.

Sabrina 3:58 PM  

weddings look amazing in person.... you make them look BREATHTAKING on on 'film'

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