Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PROJECT PANGBURN: A Beginners Workshop

Joey and I are super stoked to announce that we will be holding our very first workshop this summer at our studio!

This is going to be beginners class, to jump start anybody into photography in a fun, easy, stress free way. We'll get you to know your camera inside and out, help you figure out what all those buttons do, and get you out of shooting on auto and into manual mode! We'll go over how images are made so you can better understand what's going on every time you take a photo. We'll get down to brass tacks and talk about the elements that make one photo more pleasing to look at than another, and we'll show you how to use available light to make the best picture possible. Then to finish it off we're going to do a live shooting demo where you'll get a chance to test your skills with me to help out with any questions you might have and we'll even leave you with a few basic photoshop tips and tricks.

If you are interested in attending, you'll find more information below and you can sign up for the class at the bottom of this post. But be sure to sign up quick because we only have 10 spots available!

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Sabrina 3:55 PM  

I SOOOOOOO CANT WAIT TO GO!!!!! IM SUPER STOKED!!!! Can you tell??? ;o)

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