Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Through The Tears

This Christmas is hard, it seems like this year just didn't agree with our family at all considering the summer we had and then to end it with the passing of Micah. The last few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster complete with me screaming at little church ladies... apparently when I am sad I am also emotionally psychotic as well... We won't even discuss the outcome of either Joe or I hearing "I'll Have a Blue Christmas" on the radio. Let's just say it's not very pretty.

I honestly don't understand why things like this happen to such amazing people, but I do know through all of this that God has a plan even though at the moment I think his plan looks like crap and there are a few details I would like to discuss with him, I know deep in my heart that he does work everything together for good even when I can't understand. And if I didn't believe that I think I would just go crazy.

I was going to try and write a big long thing about how amazing Micah was and how much we miss him but I think Joey summed it up best in the Eulogy he wrote for Micah's memorial service, you can read it HERE.

The hardest part is just to figure out how to keep living. How do you just move on with your life after something like this. In some ways it seems to cruel and wrong to just continue like nothing happened, but in other ways I know Micah and I know he wouldn't have wanted anybody to stop living their lives to the fullest potential. So that leaves us to push ahead through the tears, starting with just a simple Merry Christmas.

Remember this Christmas that life is short and precious. Live everyday as though it was your last. Don't let yourself get so wrapped up in life you forget to spend the time with the people you love, because you never know when they might not be there anymore. So when your ripping through those presents, or carving up that Christmas dinner take a moment to pause and tell each and everyone of the people around you how much you love them and how special they are to you.

With that, through my tears I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

-The Pangburns (Joey, Kadie + Audrey)


Lauren Shephard 10:01 AM  

Oh Kadie, I am literally crying with you right now. I didn't know Micah but I remember seeing the pictures you took of him and his beautiful wife. I cry when I imagine what she must be going through, and I cry when I read your reminder to appreciate every moment we get with our loved ones. Thank you for that important reminder. I am praying for you and Joe and the Kaplan family. Keep holding on to God's promises. I hope and pray you can somehow have a Merry Christmas. Love, Lauren

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