Friday, January 07, 2011

Hello Twenty Eleven!

Words cannot express how much I am looking forward to this new year and how excited I am to finally be over and done with 2010! This past year has had so many ups and down's it's been a crazy ride and ultimately a giant learning experience. (I have really begun to hate that phrase, I heard it SO much last year lol) I can't believe how much I have been stretched and grown this past year, and I already know that 2011 has even more in store for us (although hopefully without quite so many of the painful moments that last year had). We have some really big things in the works that I am super excited to get to share with you very soon so keep checking back for that!

Last year I made a list of my New Year's resolutions on here:
1: Start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier
2: Eat at home more, learn to cook more things, eat healthier.
3: Keep my house clean

Interestingly enough I have actually done way better in those areas than I thought! All except the waking up earlier one... I don't know if I'll ever flip around my night owl habits, I just work so much more productively and innovativly at 2am...

This year I want to make a few more resolutions, there are more than last year, but I think that's becuase I'm starting to really understand what I want for my life. A lot of them are a little more personal than last year, but again I think during the course of this year this blog has turned into more of a personal space anyway so I don't mind sharing with you guys.

1) Work on finding my self worth within myself.

I have really been working hard on this one this past year, but need to push it even further. I am just the type of person who thrives on approval from others, and I don't want to be that person anymore so I am trying to get to a place where I honestly really don't care and love me for me no matter what anybody else may think.

2) Not to be as lazy.

Let's be honest... today I slept till 1:00pm... yes you heard properly, 1pm in the afternoon... Granted I didn't fall asleep till 6am. Still I love sleep, when I'm done with work for the day, I love vegging on the couch doing nothing but so much of life passes you by that way! There is a point when you need to sit and just be, and there is a point where you need to get up and take some action, this year needs more action taking!

3) Make clear goals for what I want in my life.

Lately I've been of the write it down and get it done mindset for some reason. Maybe it's because I'm turning 25 this year and feel like I've reached decision time or maybe I'm just tired of floundering through life having no idea what I'm doing. But in either case I want to start making really clear to myself what it is I want to get out of this life and then try and figure out what it's going to take to get me there.

4) Get in better shape

This one is on everybody's New Year's list so I think we can assume that everybody gets this one....

5) Find more creative avenues for my art.

If this past two years has taught me anything it's that doing one creative thing by itself is simply not enough to sustain long-term creativity. You have to let yourself play like a little kid. Therefore it's going to be my passion this year to figure out other areas besides my normal genre of shooting to apply my creativity to...

6) Read more books.

This one really hit me last year, I used to read a book a week if not two growing up but since I started my business it seems my time for reading has disappeared. So this year it's my plan to take that time back and start reading again like I used to.

Those are my top ones for now, but I might add a few more later :)

And since every post is better with a picture here are a few of us from a photo-booth we set up for our friends' New Year's Party this year to start your year off with a smile :)

So I have decided I have the strangest armpits ever... if you don't believe me check out the next photo lol...

Check out my totally awesome new shoes in this picture! Aren't they fun!? I bought them just to wear for the party and they make me feel like Dorthy Gale's long lost cousin :)

Balloons make me happy....

Ha :)

Happy New Year!!!!!


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