Monday, August 13, 2007

~More Fun With Sis~

Ok so Kasie and I decided that we wanted to do one more photoshoot before I left for Tucson and get a couple normal shots of her for her MySpace page, and also take some more with the wedding dress on for my Hitched and Haute portfolio. And we figured while we're at it, why not have Joey film the whole thing? So that's what we did.

We started off at the dells to do some normal shots of Kasie for her modeling portfolio/myspace page we took a BUNCH of pictures be here are two of my favorites:

Then we headed to Watson Lake and Kasie slipped into the wedding dress again:

But then... It started to rain... and when I say rain I don't just mean one or two drops, I mean REALLY RAIN! So Kasie, my cousin Amanda who came along and (having no Idea what she was in for) and I all piled underneath a rock to try and escape the downpour:

Unfortunately there was no room for Joey.. :( So he got a little wet...

Then we all piled in the car to head down to the water, aren't our suicide doors fun!?

Then after much talk, we all decided to have Kasie get in the Lake and take some awesome photos in the water!

Of course we could ask Kasie to get in the water if we weren't willing to do the same:

Kasie, who is studying to be a film director, couldn't help but get in on some filming action while Joey fixed her dress:

Then we had some fun:

I had to lay on my back in the lake while keeping my camera out of it to get some of these pics:

The dress got REALLY heavy and kept sinking so we had to keep pulling it up to the top.

Then Kasie went all in:

We had soooooo much fun! A big thanks to Kasie for being such a willing model, Joey for doing all the filming (we will work on getting the video up here soon) and Amanda for being our official flash holder and wading around in the Lake with us! Make sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think of all the pics we got!


Kelly Mahoney 6:15 PM  

Kasie is so lucky, these look beautiful. And much safer than the last time around. They really turned out well.

Kelly Park Photography 5:07 PM  

These are GREAT!!! You caught so many great shots! Your bride is going to LOVE them :)

John Cole 5:42 PM  

Hi Kadie...I was one of the guys out in the kayaks last week...I just had to check out how the pics turned out and I have to say there really is a difference when a professional takes a picture...They turned out great and Kasie is such a trooper! Great job and keep up with your passion...John

Leah 11:32 PM  

Beautiful. THat 4th to last one reminds me of a cala lily, gorgeous!

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