Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok... if you know me at all... you know of my insane love for this little deep-fried donut. So as you might have guessed I was EXTREAMLY upset when all the Krispy Kreme stores in Arizona were forced to close up shop. But! One just reopened in Mesa!!! So Joey and I took a road-trip to phoenix last night to grab twelve of these little heaven sent circles...

"The best part of waking up... is Krispy Kreme in your kitchen!" (sing to the foldger's coffee theme music)

3 comments: 5:42 PM  

Oh my, I feel so spoiled that there is a KK less than two miles from my house; and at least three other locations within the vicinity of work. All this yet I rarely ever stop by any location. I'll pick some up soon and enjoy some for you! :)

Purple Nickel Studio 11:03 PM  

Holy Cow!!! I was so sad too... especially when my husband & I would walk around Reid Park and smell them a mile away & then have to look away (more like make a mad dash around that side of the track). Yay can't wait to get some the next time I'm up there!

Leah 12:59 PM  

You're such a nut, did you really go do that after bowling? Mesa just for the doughnuts? I guess I would do the same for cupcakes though. I need me some sprinkles!

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